Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Harp in Wales by Bruce Cardwell

A celebration of the harp in Wales, an instrument as symbolically key to a Welsh identity as the flag itself. Foreword by Catrin Finch.

Bruce Cardwell provides a history of the harp in Wales, including how it grew to prominence, its evolving role in Welsh culture, how it became a central symbol of Welshness, how it has developed as a musical instrument in response to changing musical taste, and the booming harp business today. He also explores the craft of harp-making, including the variety of construction, materials, designs and aesthetics, issues of ‘playability’ and tone, and the fusion of craft skills with art sensibilities. The book also has a section on thirty-six contemporary Welsh harpists, with portraits and a narrative on their perspective on their personal instruments, their individual repertoires and how they see their place in the continuing tradition. These harpists include Catrin Finch, Elinor Bennett, Delyth Jenkins, Robin Huw Bowen, Twm Morys, Gwenan Gibbard, Harriet Earis, Llio Rhydderch and Ben Creighton Griffiths.

A beautifully presented hard back book 10" x 10"

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Latin American Music for 4 Harps

"Che Rey" is composed Paraguayan Polka rhythm for 4 harps. Che means my (my king) in the language of the Guarani Indians of Paraguay. "This composition is dedicated to my 9 month old son Ignacio Quimey, my king" - Violeta Ramos, August 2013.

Score and set of 4 parts £10.00 + p&p

Please visit Creighton's Collection for further information

This fantastic arrangement is designed to help students understand the Latin Rhythm and, as it is played with one hand, is suitable for elementary harpists and will be a fun musical experience for any harp ensemble.
Violeta Ramos (Argentina) is a professor of classical guitar and Paraguayan harp in various music schools in Switzerland and regularly gives workshops in various Latin American music institutions.
Violet composes for both the solo Paraguayan harp (diatonic and chromatic) and for her classical guitar and harp duo. Performing both as a soloist and with the Duo Ramos-Schneider she gives concerts featuring her music across Europe and Latin America at events such as the Word Harp Congress in Amsterdam and at international festivals for harp and / or guitar in Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, France, Wales, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Germany and Russia.
The Duo has two duo recordings which contain both her own and other compositions.
Since 2008 she has been writing music for students of classical or Celtic harp, with Latin American rhythms, published by Creighton’s Collection.

Monday, 12 August 2013

New Harp Music Catalogue

We have just uploaded our new September 2013 Retail and Trade Harp Music Catalogues as PDF files.

To download the catalogues please click here

Our new Retail Catalogue lists over 2,500 harp CDs and scores.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cáirde na Cruite - Music for Irish Harp

Rogha na gCruitirí - Harpers' Choice from Cáirde na Cruite is now back in stock at Creighton's Collection and we have just added their Sounding Harps Books One to Four to our web site.

Sheet Music - click covers for further information
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Rogha na

Harpers' Choice

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Book Four
100 Traditional
Tunes for
Irish Harp
33 Traditional
Tunes for
Irish Harp
26 Traditional
Tunes for
Irish Harp
20 Traditional
Tunes for
Irish Harp
38 Traditional
Tunes for
Irish Harp

Contents Book One

1. Dúnadána dorcha donn (Spinning Song)
2. Seán Buí (John Bull)
3. ls umbó agus eiriú (Lullaby)
4. Gheobhair,a pháiste (For you, my child)
5. Óro, bhuachaillín, seol do bhó (Young fellow, drive your cow)
6. Tá'n Samhradh ag teacht (Summer is coming)
7. The Sprightly Widow
8. Híl sé 'na lá (lt is not day)
9. Mallaí  Bhán (Fair Molly)
10. Éiníní (Little birds) 
11. Slow Air
12. An cuimhin leat an oíche úd (Do you remember that night?)
13. Giolla na Scríob (The Wandering Lad)
14. Báidín Fheilimidh (Phelimy's boat)
15. Con O'Leary's Lament
16. Arúin, fan agam (My dear, stay with me)
17. An Beinnsín Luachra (The little bundle of roses)
18. Sir Patrick Bellew
19. Im bím babaró (Worksong) for three Harps
20. An ghaoth aneas (The wind from the south)
21. Thugamar féin an Samhradh Iinn (We brought the summer with us)
22. Bog braon do'n tSeanduine (Warm a drop for the baby)
23. Bean an Fhir Ruaidh (The Red-Haired Man's wife)
24. Pé'n Éirinn í (Whoever she may be)
25. Seothóló thoil (Lullaby)
26. Mo Ghile Mear (My bright Prince)
27. Fanny Power
28. Na Sióga (The Fairies)
29. Burn's March
30. Song of the Chanter
31. William O'Flinn
32. Súgradh Beanntraí (The humours of Bantry)
33. Ballinderry, for two Harps

Contents Book Two

1. A Mhíle Grá (Oh thousand loves)
2. An Oíche úd i mBeithil (That night in Bethlehem)
3. Deirín Dé (Lullaby)
4. Oh, the Britches full of Stitches
5. Sonny’s Mazurka
6. I saw from the Beach
7. Oscail an Doras go ciúin Ó (Open the door softly)
8. Nóra Críonna
9. Suantraí na Maighdine (The Virgin’s Lullaby)
10. The Ballydesmond Polka
11. Uair Beag Roimh an Lá (A little hour before day)
12. Airiú Mhór (A great keening)
13. The Castle of Dromore
14. Is trua gan Peata an Mhaoir agam (I wish I had a shepherd’s Lamb)
15. Tripping up the Stairs
16. Larry O’Gaff
17. Fead an Iolair (The eagle’s whistle)
18. Mo Cheallaichín Fionn (My fair Ceallach)
19. An Stáicín Eorna (The little Stack of Barley)
20. Caoineadh Luimní (Limerick lamentation)
21. Hamilton’s Jig
22. Mr. O’Connor
23. The Kilkenny Tune
24. Muire Bheannaithe (Blessed Mary)
25. The King of the Fairies
26. The Kildare Hornpipe

Contents & Exam Settings Book Three

1. The Wild Colt
2. Madam Cole - ABRSM Grade 5 List A Item 10 (choice No. 2 or No.12) 
3. Cáit Ní Dhuibhir (Kitty O’Dwyer)
4. The Ship in full sail
5. An Seanduine dóite (The withered old man)
6. An Réilteann leanbhach (The beautiful artless woman)
7. The Plains of Boyle (Magh Luirg)
8. Bean dubh a’ ghleanna (The dark woman of the glen) - ABRSM Grade 6 List A Item 1
9. Garret Barry’s Jig
10. Na Géanna Fiáine (The Wild Geese)
11. The Road to Ballymac
12. Lady Dillon - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 6 - 
ABRSM Grade 5 List A Item 10 (choice No. 2 or No.12)
13. Planxty Johnston - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 7 - ABRSM Grade 6 List B Item 5
14. Queen of the West
15. Baltiorum
16. Morgan Magan
17. The Boys of Bluehill
18. Three Sea Captains
19. Dún do shúile (Close your eyes)
20. An Buachaill caol dubh (The dark slender boy)

Contents Book Four

1. An Féileachán (The Butterfly)
2. Amhrán Fíodóireachta (Weaving Song)
3. The Lady and the Farmer
4. Fáinne geal an lae (The Dawning of the Day)
5. Bean Bhán (A fair woman)
6. Slow Air
7. Óró bog liom í (Óró bring her closer to me)
8. Eilí gheal chiúin Ní Chearbhaill (Fair Gentle Fily O’Carroll)
9. The Fairies’ Lamentation
10. Maidin bheag aoibhinn (Pleasant early morning)
11. Seothóló (Lullaby)
12. Turas go Gaillimh (A trip to Galway)
13. Suantraí (Lullaby)
14. Mór Chluana (Mór of Cloyne)
15. Be Thou my Vision
16. Cé chuirfidh tú liom (Who will you send with me?)
17. Slip Jig
18. Cailín na gruaige doinne (The brown-haired girl)
19. Billy O’Rourke the Buachaill
20. Shoe the Donkey
21. Pilib an Cheoil (Philip of the music)
22. Eleanor Plunkett
23. Coinleach glas an Fhómhair (The green stubble of Autumn)
24. Mazurka
25. Moloney’s Jig
26. Nóra an Chiste (Nóra with the purse)
27. Grace Nugent
28. Dublin Streets
29. Brighid Óg Ní Mháille (Young Bridget O’Malley)
30. Mo Theaghlach (My household)
31. Ruairí Ó Mórdha (Rory O’More)
32. Saddle the Pony
33. Máire Nic Ailpin (Molly McAlpine)
34. Margaret OCarroll
35. An Port Bhagrach (The Swaggering Jig)
36. Cormacke
37. Mairseáil Bhriain Bóirmhe (Brian Boru’s March)
38. Máire Óg na gCiabh (Young Mary of the fair locks)

The Irish Harp Book

The Irish Harp Book - a tutor and companion
Sheila Larchet Cuthbert

This is a 248 page facsimile of the edition originally published by Mercier Press in 1993. There is a new preface by Sheila Larchet Cuthbert, and the biographical material has been updated. It is a collection of studies and exercises for the use of teachers and pupils of the Irish harp.

Buy this music now £40.00 +p&p

Friday, 2 August 2013

Music for Flute & Harp Ensemble

Music Score Cover ImagePapageno's Song
from The Magic Flute - WA Mozart
arr for 3 Flutes & Harp by Jane Groves

Arranged for intermediate level players
Supplied as score with parts for Flutes 1-3 + Harp.
This arrangement may be performed by flutes only.

Buy this book now   £10.00 + p&p

Music Score Cover ImageDance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy & March 
from The Nutcracker Suite - PI Tchaikovsky
arr for 4 Flutes & 2 Harps by Jane Groves

Arranged for intermediate level players
Supplied as score with parts for Flutes 1-4 + Harps 1-2
Suitable for pedal or lever harps.
This arrangement may be performed by flutes only.
Buy this book now   £10.00 + p&p