Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Monika Stadler harp & bass CD in stock

Scandinavia - Live in Halbturn 
Monika Stadler & Wayne Darling

A live recording from the Thomastik Infeld - Haus der Kultur (Cultural House), A - 7131 Halbturn. This CD was not planned, it simply happened! As the recording was so good, we made a CD of it. It contains original compositions by Monika Stadler and Wayne Darling, as well as Louiz BonfĂ 's jazz standard Black Orfeus and a beautiful Swedish folk song. A CD full of the fresh, dynamic, utter joy of playing music, combined with masterful talent and deeply touching musicality.

Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice) 
Wayne Darling (Acoustic bass & Waterphone)

1. Black Orpheus (L. Bonfa) 5:19
2. Scandinavia (M. Stadler) 3:50
3. Gone Again (W. Darling) 8:30
4. O tysta ensamhet (Swedish Traditional) 5:30
5. Intro: Waterphone Improvisation (W. Darling)  
    Snow Falls Silently In My Imaginary Garden (M. Stadler) 11:00
6. No One Can Stop Me Now (M. Stadler) 7:45
7. Broasted in Brockway (W. Darling) 3:10

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New 2nd Edition: Pathway (for Wire Strung Harp)

A Primer for the Wire Strung Harp 
by Cynthia Cathcart 
Illustrated by Michael Glenn Stewart 
Edited by Laurel Wright. 

Revised and updated 2nd Edition - 2013

Pathway is a tutorial for people new to the study of the wire strung harp. Starting with descriptions of the instrument, the student is led on a journey into the basic damping and ringing techniques of the clarsach, the wire strung harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in 21 lessons. The book is complimented by a 39 track recording which includes tuning tracks and all the tunes in the book with the Gaelic titles pronounced. 

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(Please note: The CD is not shipped with the book it is down loaded, instructions are in the book)


Guide to Reading Music 
The Instrument: Parts of the Harp
Tuning the Harp 
Holding the Clarsach 
Hand Position

Lesson OneThe First Steps to Making Music
A Musician's Rule of Three
Lesson TwoPutting Fingers to the Strings
Patterns of Music
Lesson ThreeThe First Melody and Damping
Lesson FourThe First Melody and Ringing
Practice Techniques
Lesson FiveA Traditional Tune from Ireland
Lesson SixA Traditional Tune from Scotland
Lesson SevenTwo Tunes from our Primary Sources
Lesson EightIntroducing the '6/8' Time Signature
Memory Techniques
Lesson NineRepeated Notes
Lesson TenStriking Strings Simultaneously with Different Hands
The Pickup Note
Lesson ElevenDamping Two Strings in One Hand
Relaxation vs. Tension
Lesson TwelveThe Free Stroke
Tension and Release
Lesson ThirteenRinging Decisions
Lesson FourteenIntroduction to Ornamentation
Practicing is Teaching Yourself
Lesson FifteenBuilding Blocks ­ The Walking Pattern
Lesson SixteenTwo Notes Struck Together in One Hand
Lesson SeventeenThe Flexible Thumb
Interpretation in Music
Lesson EighteenRepeating Notes with Different Fingers
Music with a Purpose
Lesson NineteenBreaking Free from Fixed Fingers 
Lesson TwentyFigures of Music
Goal Setting
Lesson Twenty-OneMoving Around the Harp
Appendix ATunes adapted for this book
Appendix BBibliography
Tune index

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New CDs from Bragod added to site

Bob Evans (crwth) | Mary-Anne Roberts (voice)

“Medieval and Renaissance Welsh poetry performed in all its glory, may not, on paper, sound like the most enthralling prospect. But believe me, when it’s done by the Cardiff-based duo Bragod – it is.” Verity Sharp, BBC Music Magazine

Bragod by Bragod (CD) £12.00 +p&p
Welsh music and poetry from the 14th to the 18th Century. 
The first Welsh crwth recording (2001). 
Original 2001 recording, re-issued in 2013 with updated notes

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Llatai by Bragod (CD) £12.00 +p&p
Messages of human and divine love. Medieval Welsh poetry and music marking 400 years since Robert ap Huw copied his manuscript of bardic music. Llatai is a recording of three pieces from Bragod’s performance Birds/Adar. Released 2013.

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