Friday, 9 January 2015

Sian James harp & voice CDs now in stock

New to Creighton's Collection
Siân James CDs 
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The performances captured here are very powerful and are evidence of Siân's experience and understanding of traditional songs. Apart from track 4 and track 10, all the songs are traditional. They are songs that Siân is very familiar with and as is evident from the performances, songs that are close to her heart. The title for the album came quite early in the recording stage. The original idea was to create an album which was to be pure in the sense that there were to be no other instruments added to the original sound of harp and voice. And also pure in the fact that the songs are rendered in a thoroughly native Welsh style. This is the sound that Siân produces in her live solo performances. This is a very atmospheric album, with plenty of fuel for the imagination as old truths are carried perfectly to the listener on time tested melodies. As the sentence written on the back cover of the album reads, "The spellbinding harp and voice of Siân James perfectly define Celtic emotions in this collection of beautiful traditional songs".

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I have always had a rather fraught relationship with time, and despite my best efforts, I have to admit that it does, all too often, get the better of me! And so, it is with shock and awe that I realise that it is six years since I last released an album, and it really only feels like yesterday when we were rushing to finish Y Ferch o Bedlam ready for Christmas 2005!

They have been busy years, with life offering me many avenues to explore both creatively and emotionally. Thanks to those life experiences, both directly and indirectly, new songs and compositions as well as arrangements of some traditional songs have come into my life. This album is therefore a record of those songs and even though there isn't a theme as such to the album, what does seem to meander through like a silver thread, is my love of music and its importance in my life.

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Y Ferch o Bedlam

"The last two years have been invaluable for me in my quest to learn from life's experiences. The songs I sing on this album deal with all the trials and tribulations of life; love and heartbreak, sickness and happiness, birth and death. These songs are a true reflection of our lives on this earth."

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

New harp CD in stock: Duopoly - Cormac De Barra & Anne-Marie O'Farrell

New in stock at Creighton's Collection
Cormac De Barra & Anne-Marie O'Farrell

Following on from the critical acclaim of their last album, Double Strung, this latest release from the dynamic harp duo Cormac De Barra and Anne-Marie O’Farrell showcases the best of the Irish harp.

It features newly composed traditional tunes by Anne-Marie O’Farrell, fresh and lively duetting on both gut and wire strung harps, in addition to the songs in Irish, An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach and the ever popular work-song, Amhrán na Cuiginne. 

The central role of Turlough O’Carolan in the canon of Irish harp repertoire is honoured here too, with an arrangement for musical quizzers of Carolan’s Sir Festus Burke concealing no fewer than five other Carolan tunes, alongside the pairing of Charles O’Connor and the graceful Lord Inchiquin for wire strung harp duet. Solos include the beautiful famine air, Johnny Seoige played by Cormac, while Anne-Marie plays her new pedal harp arrangement of Isaac Albeniz’ classic, Asturias.

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An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Sir Festus Burke by Carolan arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Johnny Seoighe (solo by Cormac) arr. De Barra
The Rollicking Goldfish/The Independent Hornpipe arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, arr. O’Farrell
Charles O’Conor & Lord Inchiquin by Carolan arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Six Inches East of the Moon & The Astronaut’s Dilemma by O’Farrell arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Amhrán na Cuiginne (with Banish Misfortune) arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Port na bPúcaí arr. O’Farrell/De Barra
Braziliera by Darius Milhaud arr. O’Farrell
Ballaí Dún Droma/The Orphan/Tom Billy’s arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

New Publication: Amazing Grace - arr. for 3 harps

Amazing Grace 
arranged for 3 harps by Eluned Henry

This new edition, published and distributed by Creighton's Collection is suitable for elementary lever or pedal harpists.

Supplied as a full score with three instrumental parts.
Published price £8.00

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Edition: Clarsach Society - Margaret Daunt Memorial Folio

Sheet Music for Harp - New Edition
Printed & Distributed by Creighton's Collection

The Clarsach Society

Folio 39: Margaret Daunt Memorial Folio

Elementary Level

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Tunes in the Book: 

1. O Gin I were a Baron’s Heir - arr. Margaret Collin
2. Milligan’s Waltz - Corrina Hewat 
3. Ian MacDonald’s Jig - Corrina Hewat 
4. Mingulay Boat Song - arr. Lydia Jackson 
5. Alexander Gibb - arr. Alison Kinnaird
6. Ceòlraidh Dhùn Omhain (The Dunoon Gathering) - Anne Macdearmid 
7. The Golspie Gathering - Anne Macdearmid 
8. The Breeze on the Brae - Isobel Mieras 
9. Jane’s Jig - Isobel Mieras 
10. Cearc air Greideal Theth (Hen on a Hot Girdle) - Marie Louise Napier 
11. The Wishing Waltz - Marie Louise Napier 
12. Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi (No sleep for me) - Charlotte Petersen 
13. Còta Geàrr Sgiobalta (Short, neat coat) - arr. Toni Russell 
14. The Youngest Ancient Mariner - Phil Cunningham, arr. Patsy Seddon 
15. Barvas Moor (Mòinteach Bharbhais) - Wendy Stewart 
16. Brechin Castle - arr. Heather Yule
17. Ishbel Begg (Sticky Jig) - Heather Yule

Margaret Daunt  (1912-2006)

Comunn na Clàrsaich (The Clarsach Society) formed in Dingwall in 1931 celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2006. The Music Committee of Comunn na Clàrsaich decided to produce for the Society a 75th Anniversary Folio of music suitable for Elementary players. A number of our well-known composers and arrangers were invited by the committee to contribute appropriate music for this Folio for which we thank them.

The Executive Council of Comunn na Clàrsaich decided to dedicate the 75th Anniversary Folio to the memory of Mrs Margaret Daunt. She was a member of the Society from its early days, and worked tirelessly to promote the Clarsach. From 1958 she was an Honorary Vice President of the Society until her death in 2006.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Harpology - method for harp with CD (English ed.)

New music book at Creighton's Collection

method for lever harp including play along CD - English Edition

Beginner's method for lever harp with a play along CD by Sabien Canton. There are 16 lessons with a variety of musical elements. Each lesson is made up of 4 elements: A musical performance piece with CD backing track, a musical piece without CD backing track, a "Musical Toy" (theory element) and "Gymnastics" (technique element).

All the tunes - ranging in style from classical to reggae - have been arranged by Remko Kühne and illustrated by Hanneke van Broekhoven.

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 Examples from Lesson 1

New CD: Who is.. The Lion, The Wolf and The Donkey?

New CD available from Creighton's Collection
Who is .. The Lion, The Wolf and The Donkey?
Park Stickney, Dino Contenti, Gigi Biolcati (Harp, Bass, Percussion)

2014 Trio recording led by American jazz harpist Park Stickney, alongside Italian bassist Dino Contenti and percussionist Gigi Biolcati. They perform two original compositions - Swiss Miss & Second Breakfast, plus their own interpretations of standards by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans along with "Hotel California" by the Eagles.

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Track listings
1 Nardis - Miles Davis 
2 Swiss Miss - Park Stickney
3 Second Breakfast - Lion/Wolf/Donkey
4 Amarcord - Nino Rota 
5 Think Of One - Thelonious Monk 
6 Alone Together - Arthur Schwartz 
7 Time Remembered - Bill Evans 
8 Remembering The Rain - Bill Evans 
9 Hotel California - The Eagles