Saturday, 11 February 2017

Tango by Violeta Ramos for 4 harps

New publication from Creighton's Collection
Tango for 4 harps
Violeta Ramos

Of all Argentinian genre of music by far the best known world wide are the Tango and Folklore. This piece is arranged to enable students to play the tango easily but it is not a strictly traditional tango because it has sections of Folklore rhythms which give the music a wonderfully cheerful tone. 

All four harp parts can be played with one hand by students of varying in ability from intermediate to advanced level. 

The composition is dedicated to Violeta Ramos’ son Ignacio Quimey, it is a mother’s gift which reflects her love and respect of the music and its heritage in a family where Tango and Folklore are an integral part of everyday life for the entire family.

Violeta Ramos (originally from Argentina) is a classical guitar and Paraguayan harp teacher at a number of schools in Switzerland. Her artistic career started in Buenos Aires when she was 16, taking part in guitar and harp festivals across Latin America and in Europe, representing both her own native country, Argentina, and that of her parents, Paraguay.

Violeta Ramos has composed a number of solos and duets with other instruments for the advanced / professional harpist. She has also composed music, such as this work, for harp students who wish to learn more about Latin rhythms. Her compositions are edited by Creighton's Collection.

She regularly organises benefit concerts with both student and professional musicians to support a number of charities operating in Latin America and Africa which work with children or provide environmental protection.

Price: £10 + p&p for score & set of parts

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