Thursday, 17 November 2011

Laoise Kelly CDs now online

Ceis - Laoise Kelly
“Ceis certainly weaves a spell, and will enchant”
The Living Tradition

“fiery yet fluid harping, and her mystical, melodious finger style attributes her own take on the word ‘Ceis’ as the magic or draíocht of the harp”
Irish Music Magazine

£12 + p&p 

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Just Harp - Laoise Kelly
“Kelly virtually reinvents the instrument with her rhythmic and melodic intricacy, her syncopation and undulating chords and harmonies . . . she'll have you swaying with her profound musicality.”
Irish Times

"‘Just Harp’ simply oozes flair and gaiety with sparkling melodic lines, resonant chords and a subtle use of the bass strings to create harmonic richness while maintaining an almost unstoppable rhythm"
Rough Guide to Irish Music

£12 + p&p 

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New editions for beginner harpists

Fun for One
Alyson Roberts

Cover ImageOriginal compositions for beginner harpists composed by Alyson Roberts:

Feline Frolics
Fantasia (pedal harp only)

£10 + p&p

Alyson Roberts

 Cover ImageOriginal compositions for beginner lever harp composed by Alyson Roberts:


£8 + p&p

Three Mozart Arias for 2 harps

Three Mozart Arias
arranged for two harps by Simon Wright

Cover ImageVoi, che sapete
(Le Nozze di Figaro)

Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja
(Die Zauberflöte)

La ci darem la mano!
(Don Giovanni)

£12.00 +p&p

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New Editions for Flute & Pedal Harp

Classics for Flute & Harp: Romantic Music Series

Salut D'amour 
Edward Elger

arranged for Flute & Harp
Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo

£7.00 +p&p

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On Wings of Song
Felix Mendelssohn

arranged for Flute & Harp
Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo

£6.00 +p&p

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New Edition for Lever Harp

Traditional Melodies for Lever Harp
Volume 1
Traditional Melodies of Wales

Cover ImageArranged for lever harp by Ben Creighton Griffiths

The Rising of the Sun
Bring Forth the Harp
She Must Be Mine
The Bells of Aberdovey
The King's Delight

£8.00 + p&p

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New Editions for Flute & Lever Harp

Classical Melodies for Flute & Lever Harp
Volume 1 - Bochsa, Handel, Bizet, Purcell, Gretry, Hook

Arranged for flute and lever harp by Jane Groves
Harp part edited by Ben Creighton Griffiths

Nocturne - Bochsa
from Nocturne in F Op. 50 No 2 for harp & oboe Hornpipe - Handel
from the Water Music
Minuet - Bizet
Hornpipe - Purcell
Air - Gretry
Sonata in G - Hook
First movement from Sonata No 3 for flute & piano

£12.00 +p&p

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Traditional Melodies for Flute & Lever Harp
Volume 1 - Traditional Melodies of Wales

Arranged for flute and lever harp by Jane Groves
Harp part edited by Ben Creighton Griffiths

The Rising of the Sun
Bring Forth the Harp
She Must Be Mine
The King's Delight
The Bells of Aberdovey

£12.00 +p&p

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sonata in G minor PJ Meyer

The David Watkins Collection VOLUME XV
Philip Jacob Meyer

SONATA in G minor for Solo Harp (with pedals)
Arranged by David Watkins

A fine harpist, composer and harp maker whose first studies were with Christian Hochbrucker and then came to Paris where his virtuoso playing was acclaimed at the famous 'Concert Spirituel'. In 1763, he published one of the first Methods for the pedal harp entitled 'An Essay on the correct manner of playing the harp'; the English version was published in 1774.

His son Fréderic-Charles (also a harpist) credits his father with introducing the pedal harp to London in 1772 at a concert in the Hanover Square Rooms. His compositions are always elegant and in the 'Style Galant'. Nicanor Zabaleta was the first harpist to bring this Sonata to the public. This edition is closer to eighteenth century sources.

Sonata V - Carl Friedrich Abel

The David Watkins Collection VOLUME XIV
Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)
SONATA V for Violin & Harp (harp with pedals)
Arranged by David Watkins

Carl Friedrich Abel was born in Cothen in 1723 and was renowned as a Viola da Gamba player. From 1743 to 1757 he played in the Dresden Court Orchestra, and from 1758 was a chamber musician to Queen Charlotte in London, an appointment he shared with J.C. Bach. His compositions are elegant and well crafted and include some fine Sonatas for violin and harpsichord.

This Sonata for violin and harp is taken from the "Music Remains" of Edward Jones, a collection of pieces by various composers including J.C.Bach. Edward Jones, a Welsh harpist, came to London and performed at one of the Burney house concerts in May 1775. Fanny Burney, in a letter to Samuel Crisp mentions that "he played upon a Harp with new pedals constructed by Mr.Merlin. (Josef Merlin the ingenious mechanic). As this sonata is in the key of Eb - the usual tuning for this new and fashionable harp, I am sure that it would not have been played on the Welsh triple harp. Rather tellingly, the front cover of the "Musical Remains" shows a scroll top pedal harp, which might indicate Edward Jones's preferences.

The simplicity of the sonata belies its musical impact and the rhythmic writing for the violin is often symphonic in structure. Michael Bochmann and I are always surprised that it is such a popular piece in our concerts. Abel collaborated with J.C.Bach in the famous Bach-Abel concert series. He died in 1787.

I am grateful to Dr Mike Parker for giving me a copy of the original score for violin and harpsichord to which, for a concert in 2011, I added the string quartet accompaniment (Volume XIVa)

The David Watkins Collection VOLUME XIVa
Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)
SONATA V for Harp & String Quartet (harp with pedals)
Arranged by David Watkins
This edition includes a study score and parts for Violin 2, Violin 3 or Viola & Violoncello only and is used in conjunction with Volume XIV Sonata V for Violin & Harp which is available separately

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Günter Bialas - music for harp now at Creighton's Collection

Just added to our shop: -  four works for harp by Günter Bialas (1907-1995)

7 Moments Musicaux - Duet for Cello & Harp 

Musik in zwei sätzen
(Music in two movements) - Harp & Strings

Quintet - Harp, 2 Violin, Viola & Cello

Phoenix - Trio for Clarinet, Cello & Harp

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Monday, 7 November 2011

New Harp Music from Adlais: Bellini's Norma - Parish Alvars

Fantaisie sur des motifs de Norma
Introduction & Variations on Bellini’s “Norma” op 36
For Harp and Orchestra
Elias Parish Alvars (1808-1849) prepared and edited by Jing-I Jang

Harp Solo, Piano Reduction, Conductors Score and the 13 Instrumental Players parts were published at the 11th World Harp Congress, Vancouver, Canada in July 2011. 

View further information at Adlais on Line

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Solo Harp
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets in B-flat
2 Bassoons
2 Horns in E-flat
2 Trumpets in E-flat
3 Trombones
Violin I
Violin II

Fantaisie sur des motifs de Norma for Harp and Orchestra ad libitum
Whereas the solo version of Introduction and Variations on Bellini’s Norma is well known and becoming ever more popular, the version with orchestral accompaniment has never been published and its existence is virtually unknown. Only one score is known to exist. Although unsigned, it is almost certainly in Parish Alvars’s hand. It is housed in the Öffentliche Bibliothek der Universitãt Basel, Switzerland. It is scored for full orchestra, consisting of one flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, two trumpets, three trombones, timpani and strings. The harp solo part is almost exactly identical with the published solo versions (the negligible exceptions are noted in Jing-I Jang Elias Parish Alvars’ Fantaisie sur des motifs de Norma Part II, WHCR Fall 2010 pp10-11), but enters only after an orchestral introduction of 14 bars. The harp’s Introduction, Theme and Variation 1 are followed by an orchestral interlude, and three further orchestral interludes follow Variations II, III and IV, before the Final Allegro.

Thus the original harp solo is transformed into a Concertante for Harp and Orchestra – and the harp soloist is provided with a new Concerto without having to learn any new music. Furthermore, should he or she wish to play the work as a harp solo, all the performer has to do is to omit the orchestral interludes.

Jing-I Jang has prepared and meticulously transcribed the orchestral score from the Basel manuscript, and made a splendid piano reduction, which will be useful not only as rehearsal material, but which will stand on its own as a duo for harp and piano.

The first modern performance of the concertante version for harp and orchestra was premiered by Jing-I Jang at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on 14 September, 2008. The piano reduction, harp part and score were launched at the Eleventh World Harp Congress, Vancouver, Canada on 27 July 2011.

Clarsach Society Folio 45: Flying Fingers

Folio 45: Flying Fingers
Advanced Level

Tunes in the Book:

Dunkeld Steeple
Hornpipe/Trumpet Hornpipe
Lady Ann Hope's Favourite
Lady Shaftsbury
Miss Graham of Inchbrakie
Mrs Donaldson
Gleann Gollaidh
Puinneagan Cail
Bothan airidh ‘m braighe Raineach
Am Monadh Liath
Oran na Maighdinn Mhara

Buy this music now    £12.00 + p&p

Clarsach Society Folios 42-44: A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Vols 1-3

A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volumes 1-3
Intermediate Level

Folio 42 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 1
Tunes in the Book:
Coir' a Ghearraig
What's a' the Steer, Kimmer?/Mallow Fling
The Landlady of Inver lnn
The Moon and Seven Stars
Ceolraidh Lochabair
Mo Mhairi Bhan
The Marquis of Tullibardine
MacLean's Welcome
Dream Angus
Welcome to Oban {2 Clarsach}
The Dingwall Diamond Jubilee {2 Clarsach}

Buy this music now   £12.00 + p&p

Folio 43 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 2
Tunes in the Book:
Domhnall Dubh
Turn Ye to Me
Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach
Reel of the 51st Division
The Old Drove Road/The Duke of Perth
Lady Sutherland's Reel
The Fairy Dance/Fisher's Hornpipe
An Crann-Tara
Drummond Castle
The Airdrie Gathering {2 Clarsach}

Buy this music now   £12.00 + p&p

Folio 43 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 3
Tunes in the Book:
O Thistle of Scotland
The Eight Men of Moidart/Tay Mouth
Earl of Lauderdale
Circassian Circle/Jessie's Hornpipe
A Mhairi Bhan/Aiken Drum
Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston
Miss Drummond of Perth
An Cuala Sibh mar Thachair Dhuinn
Mac Og an Iarla Ruaidh
A Trip to Dunoon {2 Clarsach}
Fagail Liosmor

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Clarsach Society Folio 41 Lullabies, Airs & Dances Volume 2

Folio 41 Lullabies, Airs & Dances Volume 2 - Elementary Level
Tunes in the Book:
Tha Mi Sgith
Crònan Chàrsaig
Chi mi na Mor-Bheanna
Caidil M'ulaidh
Braigh Loch Iall
‘S mealt’ an Chridhe tha nan Com
Mo Mhairi Bhan
The Little and the Great Mountain
Bill Bones Hornpipe/Pet of the Pipes
The Golspie Gathering {2 Clarsach}
Buy this music now     £12.00 + p&p
The Clarsach Society Folios - printed & distributed by Creighton's Collection

Clarsach Society Folio 40 Lullabies, Airs & Dances Volume 1

Folio 40 Lullabies, Airs & Dances Volume 1 - Elementary Level

Tunes in the Book:
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh
The Fairy Lullaby
Crodh Chailein
An Gaidheal ‘s a Leannan
Caidil gu lo
A Ghaoil, Saoil am Faigh Mi Thu?
An Cala Seimh
Seann Triubhas/Soldier's Joy
Fagail Bharraidh
Ceolraidh Dunoon 2000
Buy this music now    Score: £12.00 + p&p

The Clarsach Society Folios - printed & distributed by Creighton's Collection

Simple Gifts Volume 1

Just arrived at Creighton's Collection:

Simple Gifts Volume 1
A Collection for Harp with Flute or Violin
arranged by Hannah Haynes
Cover ImageTunes in the Book:
Simple Gifts
David of the White Rock
Skye Boat Song
Lavender's Blue Fantasay
Danny Boy
Ash Grove Variations
Vem kan segla
Oriental Red

£10.75 + p&p

Monday, 10 October 2011

Added to shop: Susan Drake CDs

Three excellent CDs of Romantic harp music of the 19th century performed by Susan Drake. The albums were recorded in the 1980's and include many great works from the core harp repertoire. They are from Helios, the buget range from Hyperion, so are priced at just £7.00 + p&p each - GREAT VALUE

Well worth a closer look!

Friday, 7 October 2011

New in stock at Creighton's Collection

Prelude from Lute Suite BWV 1006a
JS Bach edited for lever harp by Anne-Marie O'Farrell

Performance Notes: Levering directions in the score are notated by diamond-shaped note heads preceded by the appropriate accidental. Chords may be rolled in keeping with performance practice of baroque music. Dynamics are omitted as in Bach's original these are left to the performer. Directions such as près de la table are editorial and suggest a change of timbre to highlight the phrase structure. Although the original key is E major, the key of E flat is used here to exploit the maximum resonances possible on the lever harp. However, as a result, some D flats and one G flat are required in the tuning of the harp. Go to web site
J. S. Bach's Prelude from Lute Suite BWV 1006a is featured on Anne-Marie O'Farrell's album Just So Bach

Friday, 24 June 2011

New Publication: Aquarela Do Brasil

Jazz Harp Series:
Ary Barroso's "Aquarela Do Brasil"

Cover ImageAquarela Do Brasil known in English as "Watercolour of Brazil" or simply "Brazil" was composed by Ary Barroso in 1939 but did not become famous until 1942 when Walt Disney used it in their animated film Saludos Amigos. Today it remains one of the most popular tunes in Brazil. This current instrumental version has been arranged for solo jazz pedal harp by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths.

New Publication: Pure Imagination

Jazz Harp Series:
Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley's "Pure Imagination"

Cover ImagePure Imagination was written by Bricusse & Newley for the 1971 musical film "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" an adaptation of Roald Dahl's story "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The film starred Gene Wilder who sings "Pure Imagination" when the children first enter the 'factory' but an instrumental version is used in the main opening title music. This current instrumental version has been arranged for solo jazz pedal harp by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Publication: Three Folk Songs

The David Watkins Collection - Volume XIII
Three Folk Songs for Violin & Harp

Arranged by Michael Bochmann & David Watkins

The Clergyman’s Lamentation
Moll in the Wadd
The Foggy, Foggy, Dew

The Clergyman's Lamentation: This haunting melody was written by the famous blind Irish harpist, O'Carolan. Moll In The Wadd: We do not know who Moll was, or what she got stuck in, but this joyful Irish jig certainly released her from whatever it was!! The Foggy, Foggy, Dew: This is one of the most famous folk tunes from the British Isles with many different words to describe a rather delicate situation. These tunes have been recorded by Michael Bochmann and David Watkins on the CD "The Triumph of Time Part II"

Price £8.00 +p&p

New Publication: Scarlatti

The David Watkins Collection - Volume XII
Domenico Scarlatti - Pastorale and Sonata
These are both relatively unknown compositions. The simplicity of the Pastorale belies a sophisticated architecture but with a large emotional impact. The Sonata is greatly inspired by the "Jota", a gritty and exciting Spanish Dance. 

Price £8.00 + p&p

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New Publication: Priest Composers

The David Watkins Collection - Volume XI
Priest Composers
ARIA in D minor - Padre Rafael Angles (1730-1816)
SONATA in F - Padre Narciso Casanovas (1747-1799)
For Solo Harp (with pedals)

Both Angles and Casanovas were Spanish and show imagination and skill in these keyboard pieces which transcribe so well for the harp and pair well for concert performance.

Both these works have been recorded by David Watkins on his CD
"The Glory of the Harp" 

Click here to view the music at Creighton's Collection

Price £8.00 + p&p

Monday, 13 June 2011

Irish Harp Brooch & Pendant

This lovely "Irish" harp design is produced as both a brooch and a pendant, both of which are available with either antiqued pewter or antiqued gold finish, with a choice of red, blue or green enamel colouring. The harps are 1.5" in height. The pendnats have a chain and the brooches have a safety clip on the back. All are supplied boxed at £12 +p&p each.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Welsh Harp Brooches

This lovely "Welsh Harp" brooch had been unavailable for many years but the manufacturers have just re-cast them exclusively for Creighton's Collection from an original we found at a collectors fair in 2010.

These harp brooches are available in a choice of either antiqued pewter or antiqued gold finish and each finish has a choice of colour for the 3 mosaic stones set into the sound box - there are 10 different colour ways.

Measured along the column these brooches are 2" in height and have a safety clip on the back and are supplied boxed.

See the full range in our online shop

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Harp Music: Cradling Iris

Published April 2011

Cradling Iris - A lullaby, a patch of flowering beauty. original music for two harps and optional cello by Els Millenaar

Little one
slumbering so innocently
maybe dreaming of rainbows
between heaven and earth
she is
a little flower of hope

This music, for two harps and optional cello, is a tender welcome for a baby girl called Iris- but not just for her. It is for all babies slumbering in loving arms, especially those of great grandmothers. Eighty or more years between them, each in their own universe, bound by love.

For further information visit

New Harp Music: Coconut Fancies

Published April 2011

Coconut Fancies - A miniature holiday! Original music for two harps by Els Millenaar

the sun etches the silhouettes
of coconut trees against the sky
music drifting across the water
awakens dance moves
within my body-
I dance wacky bounces
to the happy Caribbean beat

Coconut Fancies for two harps or harp ensemble is a happy piece inspired by the reggae beat of the Caribbean. Please feel free to include simple percussion instruments and give the melody line to a solo instrument for example the flute. Playing this music together should be a fun experience - and maybe invite some dancers, too!

For further information visit

CD: Lady of the Lake

music by Thomas Hewitt Jones
CD Cover: Lady of the Lake - music of Thomas Hewitt Jones“How refreshing to discover a living composer who dares to write music that possesses both splendid melody and well-crafted conventional harmony ..” MUSO magazine
‘Lady of the Lake’ is Thomas’ second album, following the successful release of ‘Under Milk Wood’ at the end of 2009 “Characterful and beautiful – almost too beautiful” – Classical Music Magazine, February 2010 ****
“…the wonderful new music, composed, orchestrated and partly performed live by Thomas Hewitt Jones.” 5 stars – The Independent [about 'Under Milk Wood']

Includes a recording of the harp solo "Spirits of the Night - Shades of Grief" performed by Eleanor Turner

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Adlais 182: Barcarola - Elias Parish Alvars


This is a new publication of Barcarola (1845) composed by Elias Parish Alvars published by Adlais Music Publishers, specialist publishers of harp music.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Adlais 042: Fantasia OP 35 Louis Spohr


This is a brand new engraving of the John Thomas transcription of Louis Spohr's Fantasia Op 35. The new book also includes an excellent note "Spohr and the Harp" written by Ann Griffiths.

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View at Adlais on line

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Japan Tsunami Appeal Concert

The Welsh Concert Orchestra & Friends
in aid of the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal
7.30pm SUNDAY 22 MAY 2011
St Andrew & St Teilo
Woodville Road

Leader Barry Haskey with guest artists
Ben Creighton Griffiths Harp
Gillian Taylor Oboe
Catherine Handley & Huw Chidgey Folk duo
Fusion Percussion Ensemble
Absolute Zero Viola duo

Tickets £10, Under 16's Free
Tickets on the door or from Creighton's Collections

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Adlais 189 Romance for Harp and Violin by John Thomas

Published 30 March 2011

Romance for Harp and Violin
An original composition by John Thomas, Pencerdd Gwalia (1826-1913) Harpist to Queen Victoria.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Adlais 181: Spirits of the Night - Shades of Grief

Spirits of the Night - Shades of Grief
Thomas Hewitt Jones ed. Eleanor Turner

'Spirits of the Night – Shades of Grief' is a quirky, wistful journey through different colours, textures and tonalities. It is intended to be an imaginative, emotionally intense piece which aims to draw the listener into a fantasy world which exhibits light and shade: an emotive balance of anguish and hope.

This piece was commissioned by and written in 2009 for harpist Eleanor Turner, who gave its World Premiere on 30th January 2010 at the Sala Incontri, Chiusa Pesio in Italy, and the UK Premiere on 19th July 2010 at Oundle Festival. Eleanor has edited the score with considerable input by Charlotte Seale, to whom she is very grateful. Thanks also to Ann Griffiths for preparing the final version for publication.

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View at Adlais on line

Thursday, 24 March 2011

JM16SC - 'Accolades' – Caprices for solo clarinet

Accolades - Caprices for solo clarinet
David Johnstone
Published by Creighton's Collection (2006)

Extract from review by Katrina Phillips
International Clarinet Association Magazine
Vol. 38 Number 2, March 2011

“Accolades” has an eye-catching bright blue cover featuring a photo of a clarinet.The music is printed on high quality paper with dark, clear ink. These unique, varied Caprices could be used both as etudes and as recital pieces. Illuminating performances of these works will surely receive accolades.

View score at Creighton's Collection

Saturday, 19 March 2011

SM0276: Mostly Scottish Harp by Rachel Hair

We have just added Rachel Hairs' harp tune book "Mostly Scottish Harp Volume 1" to our web site.

Scottish, Irish, Manx & original tunes arranged for Celtic Harp. Featuring 17 tunes ranging from lower-intermediate to advanced level, many of which appear in Rachels albums "Hubcaps & Potholes" and "The Lucky Smile".

Go to web site

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SM0257 Yardbird Suite

New Publication: Jazz Harp Series

Charlie Parker's Yardbird Suite
arr. for pedal harp by Ben Creighton Griffiths.

Cat. No SM0257
ISMN M-57046-020-5

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