Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New books for Beginner Harpists

Creighton's Collection have published two more books of tunes for Beginner Harpists by Alyson Roberts

Memories of Merchiston
Original compositions for beginner lever harp ensemble by Alyson Roberts

1. Sunrise over Merchiston - 3 harps
2. Ruth - 4 harps
3. Gentle Janet - 3 harps
4. Festival Fling - 3 harps

"This set of four tunes was written for and is dedicated to Ruth, Janet and the Glasgow Branch of the Clarsach Society and I hope they have fun playing it. The music was inspired by a passing comment from Ruth at the 2011 Edinburgh International Harp Festival. The music was written with the left hand in mind and uses typical left hand patterns. These patterns are intended to be played by the left hand alone in order to improve left hand technique. Should, however, the left hand part prove too challenging, it can be divided over right and left hand. The music is written for harps tuned in Ab. If your harp is tuned in Eb and you do not wish to retune, the two pieces in Ab can be played in A major. The work was first performed at The Derbyshire Harp Festival by the Festival Ensemble in October 2011. My thanks go to the ensemble members for all their hard work and especially to Jane for her help and advice. As always, thanks go to my sister Carolyn for her constant encouragement and support. Happy Harping." Alyson Roberts

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Fun for Two
Original compositions for beginner harpists composed by Alyson Roberts

1. Pony Trek
2. Skaters’ Waltz
3. Lullaby
4. Carousel
5. Mexican Dance
6. Summer Breezes

These tunes were originally written for use in the classroom. Their simplicity makes them very enjoyable to play giving a great sense of achievement. This set of six has been arranged for two harps and is suitable for either two students or student and teacher.

Sonata in C - JS Bach

The David Watkins Collection VOLUME XVI
Johann Sebastian Bach
for Flute or Violin and Harp
(with pedals - single or double action)
Arranged by David Watkins

His extraordinary output of choral and instrumental music embraced both his humanity and his intellectual genius. As with Handel, his instrumental suites include dance movements of the period.

This Sonata is for the flute or the violin with keyboard accompaniment which also sounds well on the harp. I have eliminated the last largo and minuet; they are rather weak endings for concert performance.

Between the Andante - Presto and the brilliant Allegro, I have inserted a beautiful Siciliano stolen from another Sonata (4S1017). Both Bach and Handel transposed movements between their compositions and I am confident that he would have approved of this one! It is a paraphrase both in musical and emotional terms of the aria "Erbarme dich" from the St Matthew Passion. I have accompanied the great violinist, Michael Bochmann, in concert performances both on the single and double action harps.

The printed phrase marks and dynamics are only a guide for a musical performance. In Bach’s day the dynamics would be more “terraced” and more contrast between “piano” and “forte.” The performer must feel free to choose!

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New CDs at Creighton's Collection

We have just added 3 CDs by Ekaterina Afanasieva.  Ekaterina graduated with a “Master of Music Degree in Performance” with distinction in Moscow and completed her postgraduate study at the Conservatoire of Hamburg. Now based in Germany as a freelance harpist she performs in Europe, USA, Middle East and around the world.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

New Adlais Publication

Crépuscule au Lac Ogwen
Hwyrddydd ger Llyn Ogwen

Lake Ogwen at Twilight

Joseph Jongen

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Born in Liège, composer, organist and academic, Joseph Jongen was a major figure in the musical life of Belgium during the first half of the twentieth century. Generally thought of as a post-Romantic Impressionist, Jongen composed prolifically throughout his life, from his first acknowledged composition in 1892 to his last in 1944.

From 1914-1918, along with 21,000 other refugees from the German invasion of Belgium, Jongen and his family found a home in England, first in London, and then from April 1916, in Bournemouth. Late September 1916 saw them spend a few days holiday in North Wales, near Bethesda, when Jongen visited the lake which was to inspire his piano piece Crépuscule au Lac Ogwen (op 52). The manuscript is dated 30 September 1916.

The style of Jongen's music in this period of exile has been described as 'painting with sonority', and writing in 1917, he described his own music as 'an idealistic or imaginative impression'. Similar techniques to those used by Debussy permeate his music at this time. Parallel chords, symmetrical figurations and octave doublings, and the use of his favourite G minor signature - used for the Aeolian mode rather than the true minor mode or key - imbue the Crépuscule au Lac Ogwen with a very personal colour.

Ancient Welsh folk tales link Lake Ogwen with King Arthur, and legend has it that this lake was the final resting place of his sword, Excalibur. As Arthur lay dying after the fateful battle of Camlan, he exhorted Sir Bedivere to return Excalibur to the lake from which it had come. After lying twice to Arthur, Belvidere eventually threw the magical sword far out into the lake, whereupon the hand of the Lady of the Lake appeared above the surface, grasping the sword and taking it with her to its final resting place, deep beneath the waters of Lake Ogwen. Bedivere is said to have been buried on nearby Mount Tryfan.

The cover image 'Lake Ogwen' by Rory Trappe was captured on 25 August 2011. Crépuscule au Lac Ogwen- Impression(op 52) (1916) is transcribed for the harp by Ann Griffiths.

Jongen's original harp compositions include the Danse Lente for flute and harp (op 56), the Concert à Cinq (op 72), premiered in 1928 by the Quintette de Paris with Pierre Jamet as harpist, the elegant Valse for solo harp (op 73), and the Deux Pièces en Trio (op 80). Later works for the harp include a Quintet for harp and strings (1932), and finally a Ballade for solo harp (1943) and a Concerto (1944).


New CDs at Creighton's Collection

Quirk - Fiona Rutherford (harp) & Amy Duncan (Double Bass)
Cd cover: Quirk
Scottish harpist and composer Fiona Rutherford and double bassist Amy Duncan release their mini album 'Quirk', featuring percussion by Stuart Clark. Fiona's compositions encompass a wide range of influences. It's not folk, its not contemporary classical, and its not jazz, but its music that loves these genres! The blend of Scottish harp and double bass combine in an unusual and exciting way interweaving melodies and interesting rhythms.
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As I am - Rossitza Milevska

CD Cover: As I am by Rossitza MilevskaIn this original project, a meeting between compositions and jazz standards, Rossitza gives a new aspect to Harp Jazz music. The CD includes music by Astor Piazzolla, Victor Young, Aldo Romano, Robert Mellin and Sigmund Romberg as well as Rossitza's own compositions. Rossitza Milevska: Harp & Voice, Frederick Lacroix: Double Bass, Cedric Le Donne: Percussion, Peggy Polito: Piano.
Buy this album now    CD: £12.00 + p&p