Thursday, 31 July 2014

New in stock: Big Book of Exercises for Harp

New in stock at Creighton's Collection

Big Book of Exercises for Harp 
by Isabelle Frouvelle 

This Big Book of Exercises is intended for harpists and harpers of all abilities, from their very first year of practice (to be used along with Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten), up to year 6 and beyond. 

All technical aspects of harp playing are covered in progressive chapters. 

Teachers will find it useful to select exercises from several chapters at a time, according to their pupil`s progress and need. 

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This bilingual (French/English) Big Book of Exercises was designed to be a companion to harpists, be it at the very first stage of playing, moving on from Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten, or at a more advanced level. It provides numerous exercises, clear and easy to memorize, which cover every technical aspect of harp playing, i.e. position, placing, focus on the thumbs, suppleness, pressure, evenness, jumps, chords, agility, strengthening, stamina, accuracy, rhythm, pedals, scales and arpeggios in all keys, visual and hearing instincts needed for improvisation, control of all registers...

Exercises are laid out in 24 thematic chapters, and sorted, in terms of difficulty. Almost every single chapter can be started at a beginner`s level, then put aside, and reintroduced later on when some progress has been made.

Teachers have the option to map out their technical guidance, picking out exercises here and there, according to what needs to be learned, reinforced, worked on as a preparation for an upcoming piece, or straightened out (e.g. a temporary weakness).

"I wrote this book after years of teaching and compiled afterthoughts, workshops and classes with the Masters. All exercises have been tested by numerous students, carefully processed, and improved many a time over the years... I hope you will enjoy playing with it." Isabelle Frouville


Chapter 1 One Finger Exercises
Chapter 2 Intervals
Chapter 3 Three Finger Exercises
Chapter 4 Four Finger Exercises
Chapter 5 Scales
Chapter 6 Three Finger Arpeggios
Chapter 7 Finger Independence
Chapter 8 Chords
Chapter 9 Hands Crossing
Chapter 10 Thumb and Fourth Finger Slides
Chapter 11 Cross-Fingering

Chapter 12 Hands Crossing on Four Finger Arpeggios
Chapter 13 Thumb Agility
Chapter 14 Four Finger Drills
Chapter 15 Cross-Over/Under on Three Finger Arpeggios
Chapter 16 Large/Small Stretches
Chapter 17 Cross-Fingering on Linked Arpeggios

Chapter 18 Muffled Sounds
Chapter 19 Harmonics
Chapter 20 Glissandos
Chapter 21 Ornaments
Chapter 22 Pedals

Chapter 23 Keys - Scales and Arpeggios
Chapter 24 Rhythms

Waltz of the Flowers arr. for Flute & Harp Ensemble

New Publication from Creighton's Collection

Music for Flute & Harp Ensemble
Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite - PI Tchaikovsky

For 4 Flutes & 2 Harps (all intermediate level) 
Harp 2 is suitable for pedal or lever harp
Arranged by Jane Groves
Supplied as score with parts for Flutes 1 - 4 and Harps 1 - 2 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

CD Release: Bijoux de la Harpe by Mai Fukui

Now available from Creighton's Collection
Bijoux de la Harpe 
by Mai Fukui

Mai Fukui's debut CD, "Bijoux de la Harpe" has been chosen as the "CD of the Highest Honor" from the Record Geijutsu Magazine (Aug, 2014), the most prestigious record/CD magazine in Japan. "I feel so honored and I'm very happy to hear such wonderful news. Thank you very much. I would like to take this as an encouragement to further spread the charm of the harp as much as possible!" Mai Fukui

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1-3) Sonata [I Allegro brillante II Adagio III Allegretto vivo] - GB Viotti 
4) Une chatelaine en sa tour Op 110 - G Faure 
5) Rhapsodie - M Grandjany 
6) Prelude pour Harpe - A Jolivet 
7) La Danse des Sylphes - F Godefroid 
8) Legende, d'apres "Les Elfes" de Leconte de Lisle - H Renie
9) Arabesque No. 1 - C Debussy 
10-12) Rokudan for harp [I Adagietto III Lento V. Allegretto] - T Mayuzumi

New Harp Publication: Festive Bells / Clychau'r Wyl

New Publication by Creighton's Collection
Festive Bells / Clychau'r Wyl 
arranged for three harps by Sian Morgan Thomas

Four well known traditional seasonal tunes arranged for three harps (pedal or lever) by Sian Morgan Thomas. This is a new and revised 2014 edition of this popular arrangement which is now published by Creighton's Collection. 
The tunes in the book are:-

Ding Dong! Merrily on High
Little Donkey 
Brightly Shining Stars
Mary’s Boy Child

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