Saturday, 21 November 2015

New Harp Music: Six Manger Carols by Alyson Roberts

Harp Sheet Music from Creighton's Collection
New Publication 20 November 2015

Six Manger Carols by Alyson Roberts 
for young voices with piano and harp accompaniment

Two of these carols, Pitter Patter and Christmas Bells, were written for the Key Stage One carol service at the primary school where I started my teaching career as a music specialist. The remaining four were written for the three young musical friends to whom the set of six is dedicated. The accompaniment is intentionally light. Young voices are not very strong and need plenty of melodic support. The piano part is playing the melody along with the children. The harp part is an instrumental descant which can be played for all or just some of the verses. Alyson Roberts

Published retail price £10

Available from Creighton's Collection

Six Manger Carols
1. Pitter Patter 
2. Sleep Baby Jesus Sleep 
3. Light a Candle 
4. Baby Jesus 
5. See Him Lying 
6. Christmas Bells

Thursday, 19 November 2015

New Harp Music: Die Birke (The Birch) by Monika Stadler

Harp Sheet Music from Creighton's Collection
New Publication 19 November 2015

Die Birke (The Birch) by Monika Stadler
for Advanced Pedal Harp

This piece was written as a commissioned work for the Northern Light project by the Brucknerhaus Concert Hall, Linz, Austria. Monika chose the Birch tree to represent Scandinavia, and as a symbol of Spring and new beginnings. Her inspiration was the interplay between sunlight, wind and leaves. 

Published retail price £9.00

Available from Creighton's Collection 

Recording available:

Die Birke (The Birch) is recorded on the CD
"Everything will be all right" by Monika Stadler. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lever Harp Music: Golden Jubilee Collection

Golden Jubilee Collection
(1947-1997) 2015 Revised Edition
Bristol and West of England Branch of the Clarsach Society 

These harp pieces were collected together in 1997 as a celebration of harp playing in our area over the last fifty years. The pieces themselves were written by harpers who have been inspirational to us and the pieces vary in difficulty, as we are all at different stages in our harp playing. Our thanks must go to the people who have donated these pieces. This new edition has been re engraved but in a style to match the first edition. 

Published price £12.00 and is available directly from the Branch or from Creighton's Collection

Tunes in the book

Marsaili Stewart Skinner by Corrina Hewat
Kenmure’s up and awa’ arranged by Alison Kinnaird
A Welsh Medley arranged by Anne Macdearmid
Miss Violet Hooper by Anne Macdearmid
Auld Lang Syne arranged by IsobeI Mieras
Buain na Rainaich arranged by Isobel Mieras
Catriona by Isobel Mieras
The Lea Rig and The Cradle Song arranged by Hilary Middleton
The Horse’s Branle arranged by Pam Radford
Polca Rheilffordd Aberdâr arranged by Llio Rhydderch
The Music of Spey arranged by Patsy Seddon
Dancing Feet arranged by Patsy Seddon
The Spey in Spate arranged by Patsy Seddon
High Road to Linton arranged by Wendy Stewart
Roslin Castle arranged by Wendy Stewart
Breuddwyd y Frenhines arranged by Lon Wright
Bwthyn Fy Nain arranged by Lon Wright
Fead an Iolair arranged by Gráinne Yeats

Sample page from the book

Friday, 13 November 2015

New Harp Music: Diadem by David Evan Thomas

New Publication from Adlais Music Publishers

Diadem - Fantasy on the Welsh hymn-tune
David Evan Thomas

For intermediate/advanced pedal harp
Published retail price £8.00
Catalogue number Adlais 215
ISMN 979-0-57032-233-6

Further details at Adlais on line

Printed and distributed by Creighton's Collection

Composer's Note

Diadem, a fantasy on the Welsh hymn-tune, was written for the eminent Welsh harpist Elinor Bennett for premiere at the closing Gymanfa Ganu (hymn festival) of the 2014 North American Festival of Wales. The tune “Diadem” is most often sung in English to the words “All hail the power of Jesus's name”. The work breaks the tune into recognizable fragments, moving from rather free tempo to vigorous syncopations to a grand final presentation.

David Evan Thomas

David Evan Thomas has been honored with two McKnight Foundation Fellowships, an Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and commissions from the Minnesota Orchestra and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Born in Rochester, New York in 1958, Thomas studied at Northwestern University, Eastman School of Music, and with Dominick Argento at the University of Minnesota. Thomas has written several works on Welsh themes, including From the Land of Song for cello and piano, and Three Welsh Folk Songs for flute and piano (ALRY Publications). Thomas is the great-grandson of Rev. Thomas Bennett Thomas of Aberaeron, Wales. He lives in Minneapolis.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Pedals & Paws - Ben Creighton Griffiths

NEW CD RELEASE September 2015

Pedals & Paws 
Electro-Acoustic Jazz Harp
by Ben Creighton Griffiths

Recorded in 2015 Pedals & Paws is Benjamin's second Jazz Harp CD and features his own composition "Pedals & Paws" a suite for jazz harp as well as a selection of his arrangements of jazz standards. The CD also includes three bonus tracks where Ben is joined by Mathew Williams on percussion.

Buy this CD now - £12.00+ p&p

YouTube clip of one of the tracks from the CD
filmed at the studios during the recording of the CD

Tracks - Harp
1 Georgia On My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael     
2-6   Pedals And Paws - Ben Creighton Griffiths  
        Wake Up Call - Morning Walk - At the Top of the Stairs - Sleeping Schnauzer - Midnight Madness    
7 Chameleon - Herbie Hancock   
8 Dark Eyes - Traditional arranged Ben Creighton Griffiths
Bonus Tracks - Harp & Percussion
9 Fly Me to the Moon - Bart Howard    
10 So What - Miles Davies   
11 Chameleon (Alternate Take) – Herbie Hancock

CD Notes
Pedals and Paws My main difficulty with composition has often been struggling to find a character or an inspiration for my pieces. I had experimented with the idea of a jazz suite, moving through many different sub-genres, for a while, but the character of the piece had eluded me. In August of 2014 the character presented itself to me in the form of the pitter patter of tiny paws – Charlie Parker, the miniature Schnauzer. The suite, Pedals and Paws, chronicles a typical day in the life of Charlie. We start off with a relaxed swing movement, as he gradually wakes up and decides to start his day. Then he goes on an exciting mid morning walk, this is a funky riff based movement with a Bossa Nova feel. After lunch Charlie loves to sit at the top of the stairs and watch the world go by, the third movement takes us on a jazz waltz, followed by a slow ballad as he succumbs to an evening snooze. However he nearly always gets his energy back late at night before bed, and so we finish with an uptempo Blues.

I would like to thank the following: Kristian Evans for the recording and mixing of the solo session, and Cardiff University for the use of their studio and equipment. Alex Hawkes for filming and editing the videos that have gone up on Youtube in the run up to this album. Meurig Hailstone for mastering the album. Matthew Williams for his brilliant playing, recording, and mixing of the duo tracks, and Cathays Community Centre for providing a venue and studio gear for recording those tracks. My partner Sara-Jane Waters for the fantastic photos on the CD, and also for her amazing love, support, and patience with me. Julian Martin for his tireless tuition, support, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the harp within the genre, without his input there is no way this would've happened. My parents, who are the main driving force for me – literally, they drive me everywhere, as well as dad's production of the graphics, design, and printing of the CD. Finally I do have to thank the mutt himself – Charlie Parker – for being a dog and providing the inspiration for Pedals & Paws. Not that he can actually read this of course...

Ben Creighton Griffiths, September 2015

CD Credits

Musicians: Ben Creighton Griffiths (harp), Matthew Williams (percussion)
Harp: Camac 47 Big Blue Electro-Acoustic Pedal Harp

All tracks composer or arranged Ben Creighton Griffiths 
except 9 &10 arranged Ben Creighton Griffiths & Matthew Williams

Produced & Self Released: Ben Creighton Griffiths

Tracks 1-8 recorded at Cardiff University
Recording & Mixing: Kristian Evans
Tracks 9-11 recorded at Cathays Community Centre
Recording & Mixing: Matthew Williams
Mastering (Tracks 1-11): Meurig Hailstone

Cover Design & Printing: Creighton’s Collection

Photography: Sara-Jane Waters 
Except colour photo of foot pedals: Lukášem Jancinou

Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this recoding prohibited.
Copyright ©2015 Ben Creighton Griffiths.

Ben Creighton Griffiths - web site:


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Concerto for Pedal Harp - Savourna Stevenson

We are delighted to announce the publication of the CONCERTO for PEDAL HARP by Savourna Stevenson which Creighton's Collection is printing and distributing on behalf of Savourna Stevenson.

Concerto for Pedal Harp by Savourna Stevenson - Celebrating 200 years of the modern pedal harp and dedicated to the composers and players who championed the pedal harp through the 19th and 20th centuries. Commissioned by Holywell Music and subsidised by Creative Scotland.

This work was first premiered by international soloist Catrin Finch and the Scottish Ensemble in the summer of 2012 to mark the bicentenary of the invention of Erard’s double action mechanism for the pedal harp. Savourna’s concerto was well-received by audiences at performances in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Herald’s Michael Tumelty describing it as:

“…direct music, from the heart and to the heart, absolutely open and totally honest in its integrity and expressive qualities…The concerto, full of whole-tone and pentatonic implications, and lovingly played by Finch with expressive delicacy and an alluring sense of elan, is actually a voluptuously Romantic piece, unashamedly gorgeous in its first movement, with more than a hint of tango, a wonderfully touching sense of yearning, perhaps melancholy, in its second, and a darker, striking flavour of Bernard Hermann in the harmonies and mood of its finale.”

The cadenza in the first movement of the concerto is likely to be particularly interesting to those wishing to study or teach the work at an institution such as the Royal Academy of Music and would be an ideal audition piece.

For further information about the music please go to our information web site 
To purchase copies of the music please go to our online shop

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sarah Deere-Jones harp music

Creighton's Collection is delighted to announce that we are now printing and distributing harp sheet music on behalf of Sarah Deere-Jones and The Cornwall Harp Centre.

We have just completed work on the following 11 volumes all of which are now available as A4 stapled scores.

Please click the titles below for further information about any score or click here to view all the books in our on line shop.

Traditional Tunes from CornwallLever / Pedal Harp
Twenty-one Easy Pieces for small Lap HarpsLap / Lever Harp
Loch Coruisk RhapsodyLever / Pedal Harp
On Selworthy BeaconLever Harp
CascaronLever / Pedal Harp
By a Woodland StreamLever Harp
'Fantasie' for Celtic HarpLever Harp
Twelve Tudor PiecesLever / Pedal / Historical Harp
Twelve Medieval PiecesLever / Pedal / Historical Harp
23 Pieces for StartersLap / Lever / Pedal Harp
Twelve Easy Pieces for Traditional HarpLap / Lever / Historical Harp

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sue Rothstein - Sheet Music for harp

We are pleased to announce that we now stock Sue Rothstein's music for harp. 

Beginner to Grade 5
A Walk in the Forest  - Lever / Pedal Harp
Animals on the Harp - Lever / Pedal Harp
Magical Animals on the Harp - Lever / Pedal Harp
The Dinopaur Duet Book - 2 Lever / Pedal Harps 
Dance of the Young Swan  - Pedal Harp  
The Dream Studies - Pedal Harp
Three Moods - Pedal Harp
Lament - Pedal Harps & Strings
The English Patient - Pedal Harp

For further information and prices please visit our online shop 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp

Audio CD & Sheet Music Book

Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp 

This collection of harp tunes was inspired by a young harp player Esme Morris Macintyre from Kinnesswood, Scotland. Esme died aged 18 in July 2013 after first being diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was aged only 11. She wrote a searingly honest account of the challenges she faced through her Facebook page and she worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Please visit Creighton's Collection for more info

Sheet Music - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp
Published by The Clarsach Society 

Tunes in the Book - with composers name: 
A Tune for Esme – Rachel Hair
Esme’s Adventure – Jennifer Port 
Esme’s Dream – Debbie Nash
Esme’s Purple Harp – Màiri Macleod
The Arran Boat (trad.) – arr. Amy Moar
Esme’s Flying – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster
The Lily of a Day – Rosie Morton
Memories of Gartmore – Elinor Evans
Sunflower – Fiona Rutherford
Esme’s Tune – Mairi Robertson
The Girl with the Purple Harp – Karen Marshalsay
One – Gwen Yorke
Esme’s Bicycle Ride – Isobel Mieras

Audio CD - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp 
The CD has two additional tracks not in the tune book marked ** below

Tunes on the CD with performers name
01. A Tune for Esme – Rachel Hair
02. Esme’s Adventure – Jennifer Port 
03. Esme’s Dream – Daisy May Nash
04. Esme’s Purple Harp – Màiri Macleod
05. The Arran Boat (trad.) – arr. Amy Moar
06. Esme’s Flying – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster
07. Guardian Angel - Amy Duncan **
08. The Lily of a Day – Rosie Morton
09. Memories of Gartmore – Elinor Evans
10. Sunflower – Fiona Rutherford
11. Esme’s Tune – Mairi Robertson
12. Feill nan Crann – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster **
13. The Girl with the Purple Harp – Karen Marshalsay
14. One – Gwen Yorke
15. Esme’s Bicycle Ride – Na Clarsairean 

Elinor Evans - new harp CD and sheet music book

Harp music audio CD
Elinor Evans - clarsach with Sally Simpson - fiddle & Charlie Stewart - double bass 

"This CD is a mixture of my own original compositions and a few traditional tunes. On five of the tracks I am joined by Sally Simpson on Fiddle and Charlie Stewart on Double Bass." Elinor Evans

Retail price £10.00 + p&p    view on our web site

01 Tilly’s Dance/Trip to Pakistan
02 Journey to Perth
03 Kaleidoscope
04 Sunrise/The Chatterbox/The Plewlands Kids
05 The Sleeping Child
06 Herding the Sheep
07 Kwela Ceilidh
08 A Single Kiss
09 Price of a Pig/Lisnagun Jig
10 Ten Years till Your Bus Pass/Bedging

Sheet Music for Harp
Pulling Strings on the clarsach - Book 1 
Elinor Evans

"This book includes ten of my original clarsach pieces. These vary in range from easy to hard and in the book there is a handy lever chart to help get you started." Elinor Evans

Retail price £10.00 + p&p  view on our website

I wrote these tunes at various times over the past 6 or so years. I am really passionate about the clarsach, it is a beautiful instrument and one which deserves its own place and its own music. Throughout school being dyslexic, writing was a chore and I found solace with my clarsach; music gave me a voice when expressing myself with the written word was hard. Composition was a natural extension of my playing and most of these pieces are intended to tell a story or commemorate an event. Inspiration comes from many sources including nature, friends and family who have all been very patient over the years!

All of these tunes can be played as solos but for some of them I have written other parts — these can be downloaded from my website, and can also be heard on my first CD Kaleidoscope.

I hope you have as much fun playing these tunes as I had writing them. You can contact me through my website - please let me know!

Tunes in the book

Tilly’s Dance 
The Chatterbox & The Plewlands Kids 
A Single Kiss 
Ferris Wheel 
Herding the Sheep 
Sleeping Child 
Journey to Perth 
Ten Years Till Your Bus Pass 

The Cromarty Suite - sheet music for harp ensemble

Sheet Music for Harp Ensemble 
The Cromarty Suite 
by Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster & Patsy Seddon

The Cromarty Suite – written by Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon was performed at the 2014 Harp Village in Cromarty. It has been purposefully written for a wide range of players, from recent beginners through to advanced, so all participants will have an important part to play in creating the music. The piece is wholly inspired by Cromarty, mainly the connection with Sir Thomas Urquhart, Hugh Miller and the Emigration Stone. For harp ensemble with 4 or more harps.

Published retail price £10.00 + p&p view in our shop

Further information:

The Cromba Air  (Cromba is the Gaelic word for Cromarty meaning crooked bay) is a beautiful and spacious tune and serves as an introduction and welcome to the whole suite.

That is followed by Mary’s 2 tunes, the first inspired by the works and writings of Sir Thomas Urquhart, first Laird of Cromarty and is called ‘Translating Rabelais’ The second tune is a slow air with the sorrowful title of ‘Remembering the Cromarty Firth from a London Jail’ which formed a part of Sir Thomas’ life story.

Then it is into Patsy’s tune inspired by Hugh Miller, and is simply called Hugh Miller with the subtitle ‘breaking open the stones on the Cromarty beach to expose the fossils inside’. The sound of chipping can be heard in this cheery slow reel. But it has a reminder that the very last stone that Hugh Miller cut in Cromarty was a gravestone for his young daughter.

Following that, Corrina’s tune is a dance in 3/4 and 3/8 called ’39 Ships Long Since Gone’ and is inspired initially by the Emigration Stone in Cromarty which has the name of all the ships that left Cromarty for the New World. The piece incorporates joy and sadness thinking about Cromarty Bay being the last place the emigrants would have seen before leaving for their new lives in Canada or Australia.

The whole suite is then finished off with the Cromba March echoing back to the first piece and one which all 3 musicians wrote together. It is uplifting and is a happy triumph over adversity and hardship kind of tune.

It’s a fitting end to the musical story of Cromarty.

The Cromarty Suite has now been published as a music book with all the parts for harp players and has been written for 4 ability levels of harp playing so that you can choose which one suits you best. Whether you're a recent beginner, an elementary student, an intermediate player or advanced player, you will enjoy learning this beautiful score.

The parts are written for harpists of the following abilities

Harp 1 - Advanced / Intermediate 
Harp 2 - Intermediate
Harp 3 - Elementary
Harp 4 - Recent beginner

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Jazz Trio Concert @ Acapela Studio 9th May 2015 Violin - Vocals - Harp

Gypsy & Swing Jazz Trio Concert

Saturday 9 May 2015 
Starts 7.30pm
Acapela Studio 
Pentyrch, Cardiff, CF15 9QD

Ben Creighton Griffiths  (harp)
with special guests 

Adrien Chevalier (violin)

Tatiana Eva-Marie (vocals)

Tickets £9 / £12

Box Office 
Tel: 08448 700887
click to buy tickets on line at

Ben and Adrien first met in October 2013 when they performed together in a number of concerts in Guadeloupe and Martinique as part of Journées Internationales de la harpe dans la Caraïbe and they are delighted to be performing together again here in South Wales and this time to be joined by jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie.

During the evening Adrien, Tatiana, and Ben will present a varied programme of improvised jazz, ranging from traditional swing standards to French gypsy, and modern and electronic jazz & funk.

Ben Creighton Griffiths. Ben’s fourteen years as a harpist has been an incredible journey. It has taken him across three continents to perform at many prestigious festivals, from the exotic locations of Rio and the Caribbean, to World Harp Congresses in Vancouver and Amsterdam. He has traveled across Europe performing in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Hungry, and most recently the Czech Republic. He has made TV appearances for the BBC, ITV, S4C, O Globo (Brazil), performed for Prince Charles, performed concertos and other works with orchestras and choirs. He is now in great demand for teaching jazz workshops and courses here and abroad.

Adrien Chevalier is a violinist and composer from Avignon, in the South of France, classically trained at the Avignon Conservatory. After discovering a passion for jazz and Gypsy music, he went on to study with jazz violin master Didier Lockwood in Paris. His style is reminiscent of Stéphane Grappelli but also greatly influenced by klezmer, tango and Balkanic music.

Currently based in New York City, Adrien Chevalier is the founder and band leader of the Hot Club of New York and the Avalon Jazz Band, who have performed extensively in New York City and around the United States. He has performed with noteworthy musicians, such as Stéphane Wrembel, Adrien Moignard, Michael Valeanu, Gordon Webster, Brandi DisterheftBria Skonberg, Molly Ryan, Jérémy Bruyère, Leah Zeger,Tatiana Eva-Marie…

Adrien Chevalier can be heard several times a week in many great venues around New York City, such as Matisse, Fada, The Lambs Club, Radegast Hall, Apotheke, Beaumarchais, Domaine, the Manderley bar, the Standart Hotel…

Tatiana Eva-Marie is a singer and actress living in New York City. She is the lead singer of the Gypsy-French Avalon Jazz Band and is currently developing a project inspired by her Romanian and Yiddish musical roots. She has shared the stage with renowned performers such as Nellie McKay, Marilyn Maye and Norah Jones.

Past shows include The Rainbow Room Opening Night, The Carlyle, “Tatiana’s Swing Caravan” and “Do You Zazou?” at Joe’s Pub, the New York Hot Jazz Festival, The Salon at the Empire Rooftop, the New York Botanical Garden, concerts for the French Ambassador in Washington DC on Bastille Day, the New York City Opera gala at the Plaza, private concerts for the Prince of Saudi Arabia, opening night of George Clooney’s “Monuments Men”.

Tatiana Eva-Marie frequently guest stars with Gordon Webster & Friends. Past shows include the Frankie Manning Tribute festival in Toronto, the London Lindy Exchange, the Catalina Swing Dance Festival and the Canadian Swing Championships.

When in New York, she performs regularly in clubs, speakeasies and restaurants around the city, such as The Lambs Club, Apotheke, The National Arts Club, Le Cirque, The Soho Grand Hotel, The Standard Hotel, the Manderley Bar at the McKittrick Hotel (home of Sleep No More)… Visit the shows page for detailed information.

Tatiana Eva-Marie has had the pleasure of being accompanied by some of the greatest musicians of our time, such as Nicki Parrot,Adrien Chevalier, Caroline Bugala, Dan Levinson, Will Anderson, Adrian Cunningham, Oran Etkin, Bria Skonberg, Gordon Webster,Thomas Enhco, Brad Whiteley, Michael Valeanu, Richard Padron, Randy Napoleon, Olli Soikkeli, Adrien Moignard, Vinny Raniolo, Samuel Strouk, Jérémy Bruyère, Brandi Disterheft, Or Bareket…

Jazz Fest @ Edinburgh International Harp Festival

"Jazz Fest" @ Edinburgh International Harp Festival 
 Sunday April 12th, 7:30 pm
 Tickets: £14.50 (full) £12.50 (conc) £7.00 (16) - Further info at Festival web site
Amanda Whiting - The Whiting on the Wall Trio / Ben Creighton Griffiths

These wonderful jazz harpists, both from Cardiff, will each be performing their own styles of jazz in separate sets during the concert.

Ben Creighton Griffiths has been earning an enviable reputation as a jazz artist both locally and abroad, and will perform a varied jazz set – from Funk to Latin – featuring his own compositions as well as his own interpretations of some famous jazz standards. During his electro-acoustic jazz set you will hear (and see) him use a wide variety of special effects and technology which enables him to create a unique modern sound.

“You are a brilliantly talented young man. You will discover many things for the next era of the harp. Congratulations on your spectacular performance.” – Ray Pool, on YouTube.

Amanda Whiting with her trio The Whiting on the Wall make their first performance at EIHF. This jazz trio of Amanda (harp), Deej Williams (bass) and Tony Robinson (drums) met while studying at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff in 2011. They will perform music from Piazzolla, Ellington and Hubbard, amongst other greats, creating a mesmerising sound which transports you between a foot tapping groove to a chilled vibe. They have recently released their CD Butterflies with another in the pipe line. 

“A fresh new sound that transports you to afternoons of sunshine” – Roger Warbuton

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

NEW Harp CD: David Watkins - The Bells of Morville

 The Bells of Morville

Music for Eight Bells and Harp Ensemble
Live Recording at St. Gregory's Church, Morville 
St. Cecilia's Day 2014
First performance of David Watkins' "The Bells of Morville" 

David Watkins (harp)
Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin)
Harp Ensemble: 
Helen Barley, Eleri Lloyd, David Watkins & Frank Sternefeld

Available from Creighton's Collection £12.00 +p&p

For further information and audio samples please visit


1 The Bells of Morville - David Watkins
2 Pieta Signore - Stradella
3 Allegro - John Parry
4 Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod
5 Siciliano & Allegro - Bach
6 Abendempfindung - Mozart
7 Voi che sapete - Mozart
8 Meditation from Thais - Massenet
9 Two Welsh Folk Songs - arr David Watkins
10 Country Gardens - arr Michael Bochmann
11 Silent Night - arr David Watkins
12 Allegro moderato - C F Abel
13 Still Still Still - arr Adrian Cleaton
14 Bells ringing down

On a visit to Morville, David Watkins was struck by the beauty of Morville and the surrounding area and after reading ‘The Morville Hours’ by Katherine Swift, his fascination with Morville grew. Katherine furthermore inspired David, not only with her insights into gardening and its history, but with her perceptive understanding of the Shropshire landscape and the origins of Morville with its Benedictine monastery. The Tower Captain, Ian Rowe, introduced David to the Morville bells during a weekly bell ringing practice. David became so further inspired by the extraordinary acoustics of the medieval Church and its magnificent set of bells that he began a work for harp ensemble juxtaposed with the bells.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Park Stickney CD: All Harp - Globe Live

All Harp - Globe Live
Park Stickney

"All Harp" was recorded live at Le Petit Globe Theater, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, August 2013. The CD features new workings of Park's own compositions, some new Park Stickney compositions and arrangements of some great jazz standards including Caravan, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Debussy Dances.

For more info & audio clips visit Creighton's Collection

Track listing:
1 Swiss MissPark Stickney
2 Take FivePaul Desmond
3 Morning Has BrokenTraditional
4 Debussy DancesClaude Debussy/Park Stickney
5 Bohemian RhapsodyFreddie Mercury
6 Surprise Corner Intro--
7 Surprise CornerPark Stickney
8 On n’est pas là pour se faire engueulerBois Vian
9 Beethoven Bla-Bla--
10 BeethovenPark Stickney
11 In a Sentimental MoodDuke Ellington
12 Where’s Mary Ford?Park Stickney
13 FragileSting
14 CaravanJuan Tizol
15 Dirty Laundry RagPark Stickney
16 How InsensitiveAntonio Carlos Jobim
17 Eh BexPark Stickney