Monday, 9 December 2013

CD RELEASE: Harponium by Catriona McKay

This collection of Catriona's newly composed music highlights her prowess as both harper and composer. Melody driven with Catriona's signature harmonic and rhythm harp style, HARPONIUM combines both the strength and delicacy of her harp with bold, warm, characterful harmonium.

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Track listing

1. Kronos Reel 
2. One for the Sleeper 
3. Roof of the World 
4. Harponium 
5. Silenced with a Kiss 
6. Maureen's Waltz 
7. Harp Royalty meets Banjo Czar 
8. Prayer for Ceren 
9. Irish Harp Hero

Also recently added to our site: 

The Auld Harp by Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay

“…utterly reshapes our perception of the instruments’ potential…A radiant excursion into uncharted terrain.” Irish Times **** 

“a beguiling combination of timbres” The Scotsman **** 

“Harps create sounds that wind around each other, sometimes gently, sometimes ferocious…harp plus harp creates awesome new folk.” LiRA Music Magazine

Buy this album now   £11.00 + p&p