Friday, 26 February 2016

New Harp Music: Así hablan los Ángeles by Violeta Ramos

Así hablan los Ángeles 
Violeta Ramos

Así hablan los Ángeles, for Paraguayan harp, was inspired by a phrase from Paulo Coelho’s book, Maktub. "Our Angel is always there, and sometimes, if we need help, he uses someone’s lips to tell us something, but this answer comes in a casual way, generally at a moment when we don't let our worries darken the miracle of life." 

The score is supplied with a study recording CD.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Harp Music: Hamabe No Uta - Monika Stadler

Harp Sheet Music from Creighton's Collection
New Publication 8 February 2016

Hamabe No Uta (Song of the beach / Das Lied vom Strand)
Monika Stadler

Hamabe no uta (Song of the Beach) is one of the most popular and beloved Japanese folk songs written in 1914 and arranged here for pedal harp by Monika Stadler. Hamabe no uta talks about memory and reflection. Hamabe no uta is recorded on the CD "Everything will be all right" by Monika Stadler.

Published retail price £7
Available from Creighton's Collection

Hamabe no Uta
By Hayashi Kokei & Narita Tamezou
Ashita hamabe o samayoeba
Mukashi no koto zo shinobaruru
Kaze no oto yo kumo no sama yo
Yosuru nami mo kai no iro mo
Yuube hamabe o motooreba
Mukashi no hito zo shinobaruru
Yosuru nami yo kaesu nami yo
Tsuki no iro mo hoshi no kage mo
In the morning as I wandered about along the seashore
I remembered things from the old times
The sound of the wind, the shape of the cloud
The wave that came and the colour of the seashell too
At dusk as I wandered about along the seashore
I remembered people from the old times
The wave that came, the wave that went away
The colour of the moon and the light of the star too