Friday, 29 March 2013

New Harp Composition

Indiana by Andres Izmaylov
New Composition for advanced pedal harp

This work was written for the USA International Harp Competition 2012 Composition Contest, Bloomington, Indiana, USA and, incorporating authentic North American Indian tunes as it does, inevitably, it could only be called Indiana. 

However, Indiana was actually composed on the other side of the world in a small village called Angen-Lakhta in Karelia, Northwestern Russia, 450 Km (300 miles) north of St. Petersburg, where there is no electricity or even a road - just a dirt track through the woods. It was to this remote and very silent place that Andres Izmaylov took his harp and created Indiana.

Published by Adlais Music Publishers

Score: £10.00 + p&p available from Creighton's Collection

Sample - first page of the score

New Clarsach Society Folios

New Edition printed & distributed by Creighton's Collection

The Clarsach Society Folio
Folio 33 Jean Campbell Memorial Folio 
Mixed Ability Level 

Wire bound folio - £12 + p&p (members £10)
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Jean Campbell - An Appreciation (written June 1974)

Jean Campbell, whose death occurred this week at her Edinburgh home, made a notable contribution to the musical life of Scotland over the past 25 years by her dedication and devotion to the cause of Scotland's old national instrument, the clarsach. 

As a performer, arranger, accompanist and teacher, she spared no effort in fostering within her pupils and international festival audiences a love of the best in our heritage of songs and ballads. 

Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, she returned to Scotland after commissioned Army service in the Second World War. For a number of years she continued this Service interest in her spare time and was awarded the Territorial Decoration. 

During her long association with the Saltire Music Group she made many Festival appearances at Gladstone's Land (the most recent only last year despite the onset, even then, of the cruelly disabling illness which eventually claimed her life). 

She was Convener of the Edinburgh Branch of the Clarsach Society and her pupils had conspicuous successes at the National Mod. She gave a lesson at her bedside only a week or two before her death. 

To the memory of her characteristic humour, forthrightness, and kindness, her many friends will now add the remembrance of her courage. 

Tom Fleming 
June 1974 (reproduced with permission)

Tunes in the Book: 
1. Mnathan A' Ghlinne Seo (Women of this Glen) - 3 harps
2. Caol Muile (The Sound of Mull) - 3 harps
3. S'trusaidh mi na Coilleagan (The Cockle Gatherer) - 3 harps
4. The Peat Fire Flame (Lasair Teine Mònach) - flute, cello & 2 harps
5. The Skye Boat Song (Seòladh don Eilean Sgìtheanach) - fiddle / recorder & 2 harps
6. St Columba's Homesailing Prayer and Alleluia (Ùrnaigh Seòlaidh Cholm Cille) - voice & harp
7. Churning Song (Òran Ime) - recorder, fiddle & 2 harps
8. Cattle Croon (Island of South Uist) Crònan Cruidh (Uibhist a-Deas) - flute, cello & 2 harps
9. Iona Boat Song (Caol Muile) - fiddle / recorder & 2 harps
10. Spinning Song (from Lewis) Òran Snìomh (à Leòdhas) - fiddle / recorder & 2 harps

Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy

Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy
Sharone Stevenson 
Author - Poet - Harpist

The “Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy” album has five inspirational pieces from Easy Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate. Included with her music is her original art and poetry that compliments the music. This music is for adults and children. For lever harp pedal harp or piano

Tunes in the book

1. Essence of Joy Key of C major and D sharp. 
2. Fairy Footprints Key of C major and F major. 
3. Angel of the Sky Key of F major and C major. 
4. Angel of the Clouds Key of F major and C major. 
5. Angel of the Dawn Key of C minor.

Canadian Import £15.00 + p&p

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Collection

A Collection of the most favourite minuets, marches, airs and songs with accompaniments taken from the "New and compleat instructions for the small harp" By Mr Peter Augé’ c. 1775
Edited by Mike Parker


1. Ha je di rai je maman
2. Tempo di minueto
3. Fischer’s Minuet
4. March
5. Minuet
6. March
7. Minuet
8. Poloneise
9. Water parted (instrumental)
10. Water parted (vocal)
11. Scotch Song (with/without lyrics)
12. I do as I will with my swain (with/without lyrics)
13. Guardian Angels now protect me (with/without lyrics)
14. Pastoralle

Price £8.50 + p&p

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Airs with variations for the harp - Dussek

Favourite airs with variations for the harp
with flute or violin accompaniment ad lib
Sophia Dussek (1775- c.1831) 
Edited Mike Parker 

This set of airs is believed to date from between 1800 - 1812 and is number 7 of 9 sets arranged by Sophia Dussek. The three Airs are light, charming and well considered for the instruments. ‘Drink to me only’, is a slight variant of the tune commonly used for the poem ‘To Celia’ by Ben Johnson, ‘’La mia crudel tiranna’, is Italian, the tune later used by Shield for his song ‘The maid of Lodi’. And the last air is a Scottish song and dance tune, ‘My ain kind deary o’. The first two are set with distinct, numbered variations whilst the last is set more in the style of a rondo. This publication benefits from a comprehensive Forward, including notes on ornamentation by Mike Parker

Price £8.50 + p&p click to buy now

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Sonata for the Harp - Abel

Sonata for the Harp Carl Friedrich Abel (1723 - 1787) 
Edited Mike Parker 

This sonata is a perfect example of harp writing of the period. Intended for the ‘French’ single-action instrument with its light and crisp tones, the resonance's of the instrument are well used and the beautifully crafted phrases fall easily under the fingers. With care and subtlety, however, the work will transfer to the modern pedal harp or the period chromatic harp and well deserves to be heard once more in both salon and concert hall. This publication also benefits from a comprehensive Forward, including notes on ornamentation by Mike Parker.

Price: £6.50 + p&p click to buy now

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Acá no bailamos milonga for 4 harps

NEW PUBLICATION from Creighton's Collection

Acá no bailamos milonga by Violeta Ramos 

A new arrangement (March 2013) for four harps of an Argentinian milonga rhythm. This fantastic arrangement is designed to help students understand the Latin Rhythm and, as it is played with one hand, is suitable for elementary harpists and will be a fun musical experience for any harp ensemble.

£10.00 +p&p

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The original version, for solo harp, in the book Latin American Harp Music, with accompanying CD, is also published by Creighton’s Collection. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Athy "The Electric Harper"

Creighton's Collection, in association with Freak Harp Music of Argentina, are delighted to be publishing Athy's music in Europe. We have just completed three scores with more due later in the year.

Athy - The Electric Harper - music for electric lever harp or pedal harp

All priced at £10 + p&p and available from Creighton's Collection online shop

Seres del Fuego  - For lever harp in F or Pedal harp 

Fire has been an element with a strong mystical presence since ancient times, manifesting in magic spells, inspiring dances in the light of the moon. The home of magical creatures can be found within its vivid colours. This piece is inspired by the powerful element of fire, carrier of light and cosmic energy. It evokes beings from the myths of the ancient Celtic, Scandinavian and Greek cultures. 

Salamanders, little red devils, deities of light, Limniades and the mystical Phoenix are all present in this composition. Each has been represented by a different musical variation. Dancing in the flames, these mystical creatures connect with the human race and invite us to travel through the strings of the Celtic harp, visiting a world often invisible, intangible and yet captivating. Feel it in the depths of your being - that magical presence surrounding the harp. 

Create a space, your own inner flame, and find there the sweetness and mystery of this simple melody, finding your own inspiration in nothing more and nothing less than the fantasy of dreams.  - Athy

Dulce Bretaña - For lever harp in Eb or Pedal harp

Composed for the 40th Lorient Interceltique Festival, portrays Bretagne in ancient times. A land of Celtic harpers, magicians and mystical creatures where there were strong connections with the land and with the deep spark of life. It is a simple melody, like a waltz, which evokes images of the coasts, meadows, castles, and the countryside and magical forests of the Old Days where fantasy was the theme of the stories that Grandmas told their grandchild, ensconced within the walls of their old stone houses, which were filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread. - Athy 

Cuchuflo's Jig - For electric lever harp in Eb or Pedal harp

A harp piece that's a little "hybrid", and it's sectioned in two parts. The first part, called "La Cuchufla", represents a neighbourhood girl, who's a national rock and roll fan. A sexy girl that likes football... totally relaxed. 

This is the reason why this first part is a little about the "blues", looking back at those slow blues from the canteens in the American Far west. The second part represents "El Cuchuflo", a young harpist boy, fan of the Celtic music, the mythology. He's kind of like "Harry Potter", someone who hallucinates seeing Unicorns, elves, fairies. A dreamer. Kind of a "contemporary elf".

This is the reason why this second part is a little Celtic, with an "Irish jig" rhythm. But the third variation of the second part, has a touch from the first one, where you can see the union between both characters, with the typical "blues slides" in the melody. "Cuchuflo", "Cuchufla", "Cuchu", "Cuchuflito", Cuchuflita" were the romantic nicknames they used to call each other.

This is an electric harp piece. feel free to create your own variations if you feel like it. This is a musical piece that has a comic and free meaning, like a young and fresh love. The conjunction between the blues and the Celtic music, is nothing more than another crazy piece from my soul. Have fun when you play it, and remember that the written music is just a reference that you can then use to create your own way, with no barriers or labels. - Athy