Saturday, 21 November 2015

New Harp Music: Six Manger Carols by Alyson Roberts

Harp Sheet Music from Creighton's Collection
New Publication 20 November 2015

Six Manger Carols by Alyson Roberts 
for young voices with piano and harp accompaniment

Two of these carols, Pitter Patter and Christmas Bells, were written for the Key Stage One carol service at the primary school where I started my teaching career as a music specialist. The remaining four were written for the three young musical friends to whom the set of six is dedicated. The accompaniment is intentionally light. Young voices are not very strong and need plenty of melodic support. The piano part is playing the melody along with the children. The harp part is an instrumental descant which can be played for all or just some of the verses. Alyson Roberts

Published retail price £10

Available from Creighton's Collection

Six Manger Carols
1. Pitter Patter 
2. Sleep Baby Jesus Sleep 
3. Light a Candle 
4. Baby Jesus 
5. See Him Lying 
6. Christmas Bells

Thursday, 19 November 2015

New Harp Music: Die Birke (The Birch) by Monika Stadler

Harp Sheet Music from Creighton's Collection
New Publication 19 November 2015

Die Birke (The Birch) by Monika Stadler
for Advanced Pedal Harp

This piece was written as a commissioned work for the Northern Light project by the Brucknerhaus Concert Hall, Linz, Austria. Monika chose the Birch tree to represent Scandinavia, and as a symbol of Spring and new beginnings. Her inspiration was the interplay between sunlight, wind and leaves. 

Published retail price £9.00

Available from Creighton's Collection 

Recording available:

Die Birke (The Birch) is recorded on the CD
"Everything will be all right" by Monika Stadler. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lever Harp Music: Golden Jubilee Collection

Golden Jubilee Collection
(1947-1997) 2015 Revised Edition
Bristol and West of England Branch of the Clarsach Society 

These harp pieces were collected together in 1997 as a celebration of harp playing in our area over the last fifty years. The pieces themselves were written by harpers who have been inspirational to us and the pieces vary in difficulty, as we are all at different stages in our harp playing. Our thanks must go to the people who have donated these pieces. This new edition has been re engraved but in a style to match the first edition. 

Published price £12.00 and is available directly from the Branch or from Creighton's Collection

Tunes in the book

Marsaili Stewart Skinner by Corrina Hewat
Kenmure’s up and awa’ arranged by Alison Kinnaird
A Welsh Medley arranged by Anne Macdearmid
Miss Violet Hooper by Anne Macdearmid
Auld Lang Syne arranged by IsobeI Mieras
Buain na Rainaich arranged by Isobel Mieras
Catriona by Isobel Mieras
The Lea Rig and The Cradle Song arranged by Hilary Middleton
The Horse’s Branle arranged by Pam Radford
Polca Rheilffordd Aberdâr arranged by Llio Rhydderch
The Music of Spey arranged by Patsy Seddon
Dancing Feet arranged by Patsy Seddon
The Spey in Spate arranged by Patsy Seddon
High Road to Linton arranged by Wendy Stewart
Roslin Castle arranged by Wendy Stewart
Breuddwyd y Frenhines arranged by Lon Wright
Bwthyn Fy Nain arranged by Lon Wright
Fead an Iolair arranged by Gráinne Yeats

Sample page from the book

Friday, 13 November 2015

New Harp Music: Diadem by David Evan Thomas

New Publication from Adlais Music Publishers

Diadem - Fantasy on the Welsh hymn-tune
David Evan Thomas

For intermediate/advanced pedal harp
Published retail price £8.00
Catalogue number Adlais 215
ISMN 979-0-57032-233-6

Further details at Adlais on line

Printed and distributed by Creighton's Collection

Composer's Note

Diadem, a fantasy on the Welsh hymn-tune, was written for the eminent Welsh harpist Elinor Bennett for premiere at the closing Gymanfa Ganu (hymn festival) of the 2014 North American Festival of Wales. The tune “Diadem” is most often sung in English to the words “All hail the power of Jesus's name”. The work breaks the tune into recognizable fragments, moving from rather free tempo to vigorous syncopations to a grand final presentation.

David Evan Thomas

David Evan Thomas has been honored with two McKnight Foundation Fellowships, an Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and commissions from the Minnesota Orchestra and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Born in Rochester, New York in 1958, Thomas studied at Northwestern University, Eastman School of Music, and with Dominick Argento at the University of Minnesota. Thomas has written several works on Welsh themes, including From the Land of Song for cello and piano, and Three Welsh Folk Songs for flute and piano (ALRY Publications). Thomas is the great-grandson of Rev. Thomas Bennett Thomas of Aberaeron, Wales. He lives in Minneapolis.