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Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp

Audio CD & Sheet Music Book

Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp 

This collection of harp tunes was inspired by a young harp player Esme Morris Macintyre from Kinnesswood, Scotland. Esme died aged 18 in July 2013 after first being diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was aged only 11. She wrote a searingly honest account of the challenges she faced through her Facebook page and she worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

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Sheet Music - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp
Published by The Clarsach Society 

Tunes in the Book - with composers name: 
A Tune for Esme – Rachel Hair
Esme’s Adventure – Jennifer Port 
Esme’s Dream – Debbie Nash
Esme’s Purple Harp – Màiri Macleod
The Arran Boat (trad.) – arr. Amy Moar
Esme’s Flying – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster
The Lily of a Day – Rosie Morton
Memories of Gartmore – Elinor Evans
Sunflower – Fiona Rutherford
Esme’s Tune – Mairi Robertson
The Girl with the Purple Harp – Karen Marshalsay
One – Gwen Yorke
Esme’s Bicycle Ride – Isobel Mieras

Audio CD - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp 
The CD has two additional tracks not in the tune book marked ** below

Tunes on the CD with performers name
01. A Tune for Esme – Rachel Hair
02. Esme’s Adventure – Jennifer Port 
03. Esme’s Dream – Daisy May Nash
04. Esme’s Purple Harp – Màiri Macleod
05. The Arran Boat (trad.) – arr. Amy Moar
06. Esme’s Flying – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster
07. Guardian Angel - Amy Duncan **
08. The Lily of a Day – Rosie Morton
09. Memories of Gartmore – Elinor Evans
10. Sunflower – Fiona Rutherford
11. Esme’s Tune – Mairi Robertson
12. Feill nan Crann – Patsy Seddon & Mary Macmaster **
13. The Girl with the Purple Harp – Karen Marshalsay
14. One – Gwen Yorke
15. Esme’s Bicycle Ride – Na Clarsairean 

Elinor Evans - new harp CD and sheet music book

Harp music audio CD
Elinor Evans - clarsach with Sally Simpson - fiddle & Charlie Stewart - double bass 

"This CD is a mixture of my own original compositions and a few traditional tunes. On five of the tracks I am joined by Sally Simpson on Fiddle and Charlie Stewart on Double Bass." Elinor Evans

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01 Tilly’s Dance/Trip to Pakistan
02 Journey to Perth
03 Kaleidoscope
04 Sunrise/The Chatterbox/The Plewlands Kids
05 The Sleeping Child
06 Herding the Sheep
07 Kwela Ceilidh
08 A Single Kiss
09 Price of a Pig/Lisnagun Jig
10 Ten Years till Your Bus Pass/Bedging

Sheet Music for Harp
Pulling Strings on the clarsach - Book 1 
Elinor Evans

"This book includes ten of my original clarsach pieces. These vary in range from easy to hard and in the book there is a handy lever chart to help get you started." Elinor Evans

Retail price £10.00 + p&p  view on our website

I wrote these tunes at various times over the past 6 or so years. I am really passionate about the clarsach, it is a beautiful instrument and one which deserves its own place and its own music. Throughout school being dyslexic, writing was a chore and I found solace with my clarsach; music gave me a voice when expressing myself with the written word was hard. Composition was a natural extension of my playing and most of these pieces are intended to tell a story or commemorate an event. Inspiration comes from many sources including nature, friends and family who have all been very patient over the years!

All of these tunes can be played as solos but for some of them I have written other parts — these can be downloaded from my website, and can also be heard on my first CD Kaleidoscope.

I hope you have as much fun playing these tunes as I had writing them. You can contact me through my website - please let me know!

Tunes in the book

Tilly’s Dance 
The Chatterbox & The Plewlands Kids 
A Single Kiss 
Ferris Wheel 
Herding the Sheep 
Sleeping Child 
Journey to Perth 
Ten Years Till Your Bus Pass 

The Cromarty Suite - sheet music for harp ensemble

Sheet Music for Harp Ensemble 
The Cromarty Suite 
by Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster & Patsy Seddon

The Cromarty Suite – written by Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon was performed at the 2014 Harp Village in Cromarty. It has been purposefully written for a wide range of players, from recent beginners through to advanced, so all participants will have an important part to play in creating the music. The piece is wholly inspired by Cromarty, mainly the connection with Sir Thomas Urquhart, Hugh Miller and the Emigration Stone. For harp ensemble with 4 or more harps.

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Further information:

The Cromba Air  (Cromba is the Gaelic word for Cromarty meaning crooked bay) is a beautiful and spacious tune and serves as an introduction and welcome to the whole suite.

That is followed by Mary’s 2 tunes, the first inspired by the works and writings of Sir Thomas Urquhart, first Laird of Cromarty and is called ‘Translating Rabelais’ The second tune is a slow air with the sorrowful title of ‘Remembering the Cromarty Firth from a London Jail’ which formed a part of Sir Thomas’ life story.

Then it is into Patsy’s tune inspired by Hugh Miller, and is simply called Hugh Miller with the subtitle ‘breaking open the stones on the Cromarty beach to expose the fossils inside’. The sound of chipping can be heard in this cheery slow reel. But it has a reminder that the very last stone that Hugh Miller cut in Cromarty was a gravestone for his young daughter.

Following that, Corrina’s tune is a dance in 3/4 and 3/8 called ’39 Ships Long Since Gone’ and is inspired initially by the Emigration Stone in Cromarty which has the name of all the ships that left Cromarty for the New World. The piece incorporates joy and sadness thinking about Cromarty Bay being the last place the emigrants would have seen before leaving for their new lives in Canada or Australia.

The whole suite is then finished off with the Cromba March echoing back to the first piece and one which all 3 musicians wrote together. It is uplifting and is a happy triumph over adversity and hardship kind of tune.

It’s a fitting end to the musical story of Cromarty.

The Cromarty Suite has now been published as a music book with all the parts for harp players and has been written for 4 ability levels of harp playing so that you can choose which one suits you best. Whether you're a recent beginner, an elementary student, an intermediate player or advanced player, you will enjoy learning this beautiful score.

The parts are written for harpists of the following abilities

Harp 1 - Advanced / Intermediate 
Harp 2 - Intermediate
Harp 3 - Elementary
Harp 4 - Recent beginner