Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Miroirs - Ravel arr. for 2 harps by Ernestine Stoop

Miroirs by Maurice Ravel
arr. for two harps by Ernestine Stoop

I was asked by a friend to play ‘La vallée des cloches’. When I saw the whole cycle ‘Miroirs’ I started to be fascinated by the music and wanting to play the music I thought it would be best to use two harps. Once I started I got so involved in the beautiful notes that I almost forgot to sleep. To take part in following the paths of such a genius has been a treat.

The five different compositions of the cycle have very figurative titles and Ravel placed these in different times of the day:

‘Noctuelles’ at midnight
‘Les oiseaux tristes’ during the siesta
‘Une barque sur l’océan’ in the twilight
‘Alborada del gracioso’ at sunrise
‘La vallée des cloches’ at noon

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